Selection and construction of a coal generator for boats

Yup, but more important; how much larger the metal gets…


That is why I took a hacksaw and made cross slits in the nipple that holds the ceramic tip. I then rolled a stainless steel shield around the whole nozzle to keep some of the heat off. It lasted 40 t0 50 hours so far. I use mine horizontally though - not vertical in my lawn tractor


Металла много. Можно меньше, можно больше. Дно реактора толстостенное. Узел универсальный. Детальное исследование. Сопло крепится на конус. Болт с конусом - титан и простая сталь (СТ-40). Будет объем - генератор пара. Змеевик не будет. Капли будут.
Теплоперенос основания сопла. Важное.
Metal a lot. Less can be more. The bottom of the thick-walled reactor. The universal node. The detailed study. The nozzle is attached to the cone. Bolt with cone - titanium and ordinary steel (ST-40). Will be the volume of the steam generator. The coil will not. Drops will.
The heat transfer of the base of the nozzle. Important.

Генератор пара и смеситель выхлопных газов + воздух = бред.
Steam generator and mixer exhaust gas + air = bullshit :fuelpump:.

Жена сказала:“Пилите Шура реактор”. Завтра пилю огнетушитель СО2.
The wife said:" Saw Shura reactor ". Tomorrow sawing CO2 fire extinguisher.

Твердое топливо: антрацит и древесный уголь. Колосниковая решетка над соплом для антрацита.
Solid fuel: anthracite and wood charcoal. Grate over the nozzle to anthracite.

Сварка в конце февраля. Будет так:
Welding at the end of February. Will be as follows:

I think l am done with cheramic nozzles. I know guys get some impressive working hours out of them but l just dont trust them. Allso, they dont do well with fluid injected in a gasifier.

Massive enough self cooled metal nozzle bought my heart.
But everyone has a opinion…


For those just bumping into this nozzle conversation, you can view Kristijan’s large mass charcoal nozzle at post 21/320 under"nozzles for charcoal gasifiers" topic under “charcoal gasification” category.

Сердец столько же, сколько и отпечатков пальцев… Путь к моему сердцу через мой желудок.
Hearts as much as fingerprints… the Way to my heart is through my stomach.


Hello Aleksandr,
Some of us had a discussion of fresh water fish varieties on “Crossing Lake Champlain in winter”. Are these fresh water fish and what do you call them. How are the fish and roe prepared/cooked? They look to be about 12 inches (30 cm) or so. Thank you.

Привет, Ричард!
Это Омуль. (50-70) см. До (2,5-3) кг.
Рыбы 10 видов, съедобной. Мои любимые сорта: нельма, таймень, чир, омуль, муксун, осетр, ряпушка и т.д. На 1 кг. рыбы беру (30-40) гр. соли. На икру так же. Люблю малосольное. Больше люблю Лося, северного Оленя, Косулю, горного Барана (чубуку), Зайца, Гуся, Утку, Глухаря, Тетерева. Иногда ем Свинью :pig:.
Hello, Richard!
Das ist Omul. (50-70) sm. Bis zu (2,5 - 3) кg.

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Ahh, they are much bigger than they look in the picture. I looked them up and they are quite impressive. A whitefish member of the salmon family the description says.

В прошлый год рыба мелкая была. Искали нефть, взрывали в дельте реки и она боялась. Вернулась в Ледовитый Океан и море Лаптевых.
Last year fish was small. Was looking for oil, blew up in the Delta, and she was afraid. Returned to the Arctic Ocean and the Laptev sea.


Hello everyone

This grate intrigues me. It has advantages, isolating the nozzle from the coal, separating the ash from the coal. But does reduce the velocity of the air entering the coal and thus the temperature and the reduction reaction?

Your construction is very beautiful and very interesting thank you to keep us informed of its evolution



Варианты теста:

  1. Сопло.
  2. Сопло и решетка.
  3. Решетка.
    Будет сделано.
    Мне надо успеть до 20 мая. Сейчас другим занят. Зима еще.

The test options:
_1. Nozzle. _
2. The nozzle and grid .
3. Grid.
Will be done.
_ I need to catch up to may 20. Now others busy. Winter still._

Прогрев. Малый газ.

Warming up. Small gas.

Рабочий ход.

Working stroke.

Возврата нет. Уходим в настоящее.

No return. We leave for the present.
There is no return. Go to the present.




What do you propose making the sphere from to withstand the temperatures, or will active cooling be used? What are the foreseen advantages of using this arrangement?

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Я думал, когда рассматривал конструкцию Коена. Я теперь не думаю. Думает FlowVision. Я выбираю: да или нет. Сама схема предусматривает регулировку температуры от входа в GG и до входа в двигатель в автоматическом режиме. Думать не надо, надо делать. Коен думал, FlowVision думает…

I thought when I looked at Кoen design. Now I do not think so. Thinks FlowVision. I choose: yes or no. The scheme provides for regulating the temperature at the input to the GG and at the input to the motor in the automatic mode. Do not think, you must do it. Кoen thought FlowVision thinks …

I thought when I considered the design Koen. Now I don’t think. Thinks FlowVision. I choose: Yes or no. The scheme provides for adjustment of the temperature from the entrance to GG and to the inlet of the engine in automatic mode. No need to think, to do. Koen thought FlowVision thinks…

Это гибрид прямого и поперечного GG.
It is a hybrid of direct and transverse GG.

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Малый газ
Small gas


Резко полный газ
Extremely full gas

На маршруте
On the route

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feel welcome to create your own design. :slight_smile: Most people who do try, do not get it correct the first time.

Они будут видеть, понимать, делать.
They will see, understand, do.

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Минимальный рабочий объем топлива.
Minimum working volume of fuel.


Обработка сварки и покраска.
Welding treatment and painting.

12,4 Kg.

The base camp GG.

Полярный волк.
polar Wolf.