First video is interesting the second one is kinda funny, i’m waiting for him to throw a dead/live cat or something in. Just thought they were pretty interesting.

Hey Joe .

I wish this guy had about a dozen of my beavers to run though his machine :slight_smile:

It would be nice too see some one make some sort of pallet shuredder,DYI

I wonder why it’s so hard to find decent pallets and barrels these days? >_<

I see them quit ofton free pick up , all though i speculate compitition gouging.The more things go comercial,the less good it is for the common man,as the price raises too the maximum.thats why it is good too get some accers of trees, or land too plant hybrid populars maybe. I got too get my 2 trucks running on wood too be sure i need the land.My s10 with 4.3 should have good take off power,my old 2500 chevy makes a good wood hauler/trailer puller.even if i have too add a little gas too get it up too speed 55mph it sounds good and a lot better than 8 miles too gallon.

I did pallets for a while can get them for free but the nails were a pain in the grate and had to watch where I emptied out .