I was on a road trip last weekend.  I don't get out much.  But this time I was driving the Prehistoric Van with the all new WK fire tube and I was 80 miles from home.  I stopped at a gas station to buy a map in a tiny town in SW Mn called Comfrey.  The weirrdest thing of all was when a young man who looked like he'd been doing a lot of welding walked up to me and asked, "Is that a gasifier on your truck?!!!!!"  
 Hello???  He actually recognized a gasifier????  I said ,"why, yes it is, but how did you know?"  He said he'd seen one on Youtube!
 There it is.  A real sighting.  The first one for me.  
 Anyone have such a weird thing happen?


I get folks asking about it all the time. I think it’s because I haven’t got the exhaust heat exchanger on yet, and it shows a little smoke when I stop. Catches their attention.

EDIT: just realized what you are saying: someone actually recognized a gasifier! That is very unusual. I’ve only had two recognize it so far, one was at a gas station headed north from Alabama - his son goes to school with Tally Keith - and another was our handyman, who saw a TV show about gasifiers, and recognized it instantly.

I pulled into the parking lot of a sandwich shop a few weeks back and the lady who owned the place came out. She asked what I was doing and I couldn’t set up my smoker and sell food on her parking lot. I told her have no fear the truck runs on wood and I don’t need to make money to buy gas. I am just stirring the hopper a bit and adding some wood.