Simple cone roller

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This design was from Les Carter several years back. I built it before I even started my first gasifier. Its designed for doing cones, but cylinders are just as easy.

It’s made from two pieces of angle iron, welded to bar stock drilled with a 1" hole, for the hinges. The one inch bar is plenty sturdy for what I do. I made it 24" long.

It’s not a true “roller” because there’s no rolling surfaces. But if you take it easy and make several passes, it works just as good.

If you notice the shiny notch on the left side, if I slide the bar through so that is on the inside, I can roll rings from round stock up to 3/8". That’s what I used for the lip on the heat exchanger.


Great, thanks. That was my next question, how to roll the 3/8 rings.


I tack welded a 3/8" rod (on one end) on a barrel and rolled the barrel. I had to use extra material (rod) and a smaller barrel to fit a bigger barrel, but it worked.

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Chris, I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a video of this in action.