Simple fire push mower

I feel like I’ve been very scatterbrained since Argos, but I figure that I better post what I have at some point. So far I have some pipe that I found for free, and an air compressor tank I got at a scrapyard. I also found this push mower for free that will be my first victim

and was able to get it running


That looks like a good start I would look at Jeff Davis style nozzle I think it would work well in the bowl shape of that tank.


Hi Corey and welcome to the DOW site. You are well on your way to making a simple charcoal gasifier. May I second Jakob’s suggestion to start with a Jeff Davis style nozzle. Get two pipe flanges that fits the pipe you have (looks like 3/4") One flange will be bolted onto the bottom of the tank and the other will go on the top. Use red RTV silicone to make sure you have an air tight seal and use self tapping screws to hold the flanges on. Drill a hole in the tank where the flange pipe opening is. Wait a second, Drill the hole first and make it about 1" in diameter. THEN bolt the flange in place. Take a short 2" piece of pipe and screw it into the flange to make your nozzle. That will be the bottom. The top is where you will fill it with charcoal. Yes, the opening is small and a bigger one is better, but this will at least get you started. Once the tank is filled with engine grade charcoal, screw a length of pipe in the top flange and somehow hook it up to the lawnmower. somehow prop the tank up with the nozzle on the bottom and high enough off the ground so you can stick a torch in it to light the charcoal. On the mower side, you will need to remove the air filter and rig up a T to the carb with a valve on the leg of the T. Fire up the mower on gasoline and then light the charcoal. The engine suction will get your charcoal creating carbon monoxide. As that gas gets richer, you will notice the engine starting to slow down. Here you will have to do a dance with shutting off the gasoline while keeping the engine running enough to switch over to char gas. However, the first time you do that successfully, we recommend you have some lemons nearby to start sucking on, otherwise your grin may get people to wonder about you.
Gary in Pa


Haha! What the!! is that guy doing over there?!! lol


sounds like a plan! +20 characters


I’m pretty partial to Honda!!!

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