Site Maintenance!

Hi folks, we’re moving the site to a new server. We’ll stay online the whole time, but in read-only mode - no posting or messaging, just reading. Any post you would be able to make would be lost anyhow… this way is easier.

We’re planning to start this tomorrow at noon EST, it may be several hours but we’ll be back ASAP.

Thank you for your patience!

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Unfortunately it looks like avatars (the little photo by your name) will not carry over. You will need to re-upload it once we transition. Or, take the opportunity to choose a new one!

Actually, avatars seem to be working fine. We are now live on the new site, and read only is disabled. Enjoy!


Good job Chris. Now we will have enough bandwidth so you can post pics of your cute baby!


Hi folks,

The site is up and down a little bit. Teething troubles on the new server.

We’ll get it straight soon, thanks for being patient.


Was able to get back in with out too much trouble , I really surprised my self

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@Chris I tried to upload a photo from my phone yesterday and got an error message about it being too large a file. In the past they have automatically adjusted the image size when I upload. Is there a setting somewhere to handle this in the background because I honestly don’t have a clue how to do it on my phone.

What time did you get this message @DanNH?

19 hours ago when I posted the last comment in the wood supply thread I wanted to include a photo of the barn I am working on.


OK thanks. We’re still trying to track down what is crashing the site. It wasn’t that.


Site will go down for a little while at 2pm. We are increasing the CPU and RAM on the server.

As they say, there’s no replacement for displacement!


We’re back online. Should be no further disruptions (fingers crossed)


could this be related to my malfunctioning like button ?
Every time i want to hit the like button, the site go’s down…
Maybe to many likeable posts by the various members ?


DOW will be down for scheduled maintenance, tomorrow morning for about an hour.