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Hi All
Good news! The site is coming up on it’s one year anniversary.
Better news! A lot of info has been put up and talked about now by many members. Lot of can kicking, real world wwodgasing expereinces layed out now. AND this site unlike too many others has a really good info search function.
I recently myself used the SEARCH function in the little window on the top left hand side bar to look up pictures for a member asking me woodgas mixer suggeestions for his GM V-8 and with a search for “Propane bottle woodgas mixer” was able to fine the John Wells discription and pictures if his on his Ford v-8 and sent the direct link to this member. The one and only V-8 mixer I was hands on involved with to date was way too complex for no better effectiveness.

Lots of newly signed up members now. Some with much expereince, some with a little bit, some with none.
So I’ll bet if before you set up a new topic to ask somthing like “woodgasing for a generator” or “woodgasing for a diesel”; if you ask Search first, you will fine this has already been discussed. Want to ask more? Discuss more? Tag a comment/post onto the most relevent to you, your topic thread Search found and then everyone having posted an interest to this topic gets an e-mail notification of your new post. You will get better, more relevent, responses to your inquiry.

Do be aware if not a Premium payed in member, what you want to talk about may have been discussed a lot by Premium members and these discussions will not search out for you.

Put up something that is actually New, if even your first stumbling atttempts (we all have these!), or a uniqure spin in real hands-on of an old idea and you will get responces. We, all in all, are pretty friendly here. Nobody bites. And if so, not hard for long. Admin will see to that.

Explore, exchange and enjoy
Steve Unruh


Happy Birthday to us! Our first recorded visitors were on January 27th, almost 1 year ago. Over 1300 members (272 Premium) so far, and growing fast. What a year!

Just to add to what Steve said;

The search function works well for most of the site (not Premium forum threads); most of the common questions have been answered by now in the Public area or in the extensive Resources section. Much more is available to Premium members; about half or more of the discussions happen there. We’ll never turn down a newbie question, but you’ll benefit a lot more from searching what’s already been discussed. If you really have a new idea, we’d love to hear it or answer any questions.

The biggest thing we can offer is real world experience. You’ll find more gasifier hours of experience here than just about anywhere. We value our hard-working builder community and invite everyone to get their hands dirty. As Steve says, the only real learning is by doing. Very few “armchair” types here. Build something and burn some wood, that’s the fastest way to learn.

Have fun!

Yeah - what they said. I can testify as one of those “newbies who should’ve searched before he asked a tired question” that every stupid comment I have made here has been handled graciously and without reprimand.

Once I find that perfect donor vehicle, it’s no more Professor Pinkhands for me - time to get some serious dirty . . . . .


Mid-2015 update.
The site Search function is now moved to the right-hand end of the top tool bar.
It’s in the shape of a magnifying glass.
And yes still works just fine for detailed topics and systems reading back before a fellow would leap-in asking.
Then asking something truly new will get you interested responses.
I LIKE learning new usable things.
Learn new things every day keeps me up and moving forward.
Steve Unruh