Slow speed heaven

Visited a great place today with a barn full of antique engines; thought I’d share…

like a kid in a candy store
My wife would have to pull me out of there by the ear LOL nice pics

Wow! Reminds me of the annual “fair” where I grew up in Oregon…had lots of ol’ hit-n-miss engines, steam tractors, old farm equipment…most all functioned and they gave rides. Yeah, like a kid in a candy store alright…love it!

Hi Jim, Yeah it was a treat for me since I never seem to make it to the antique meets. Guy in question has sold some engines at the Oregon show but just the small 1.5-3 hp units which he says go like hotcakes since they are easy to throw in a trunk. I just chanced upon him testing out a 1926 Rumely tractor (one of 4) at the side of the road and stopped in to chat. The tour just developped after that. All very surreal. I play with charcoal gasifiers myself and would love to marry one up to an old slow speed. Price was always the factor though. I thought a lister was my only option but some of the less known less popular spark engines are not that expensive run on just about anything and are ridiculously solid. Good thing is they are 80 years old so waiting a year to decide is probably ok… Picture of the tractor below

You can yank on that flywheel to start it :o) … I like the cyclone air filter … Please correct me if I am mistaken … Thanks, Mike
PS, I like the makeshift tires. I saw a set like it at the recent antique power show here. I exhibit a wood powered thing each year. I drove the cavalier down there this year.

I think you are right on the cyclone Mike. I think the tires are a great idea. I just priced out a set of regular tires for my 53 Ferguson and they are crazy expensive.

Just love it when they hook up one of these ol’ beasts to the HP rating gizmo…huge steam tractor belchin’ smoke like an ol’ locomotive, ground’s a shakin’ and the things readin’ like 15 or 20 HP!..go figure…the torque is out of site, I’m sure!

yep the power the old steam traction engines can put out is unreal…i’ve seen a 14 hp traction engine out pull a D8 without even having to open the regulator fully open…it proves oldschool really is cool