Small Engine Success, with NSR Isabella 3HP Briggs to Alternator

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for the Help from other Posts. I got my Venturi Ejector to work and I have been using the Manometer to monitor the Vacuum drop in the Gasifier. I don’t have to clean my intake valve anymore!

Anyone Struggling with Woodgas, I recommend buy yourself a NSR Isabella. I built my own FEMA and it was a struggle. The NSR Isabella is much more Operator Friendly! Thanks Steve!

The Venturi Ejector needed a 1" to 2" coupling and a Nipple. Then I could finally get it to light.
I use Perlite now in the Food Grade bucket filter. I had alot of Perlite from my Hydroponic Tomato Garden.

Here’s a link of it running the Alternator and Inverter powering a Drill


Well done keep tinkering.

I have to type more than 20 characters to reply but have little to add.

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The thrill of having the engine run on “wood” is very addictive so be careful
Well done

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