So what do you think about this -?

3 questions, unrelated

  1. Has anyone ever used a second pvc valve and connected it to the gas supply?

  2. How does one determine if your making good gas at the upper end of gasifier capacity? Hook up a blower and run it up to 30-40 In static pressure and see what the flare looks like?

  3. This one is more of an opinion survey-
    What has been the truck of choice for gasification? Or maybe I should ask which is the worst?
    Anyone doing a chevy V6? I dont think I want a 6 but I’ll listen.
    F-150 with the triton?
    Toyota, Nissan?
    I know that Dakota’s are used but how about mid 2000’s
    I have an F250 power stroke, I dont need another big truck
    I dont have to do any emission testing either where I’m at

Thanks guys for your expert insight


I have a '94 Chev 1/2 T with a 4.3L V6. I have been a V6 man for years because I was hoping for more gas mileage (?) With woodgas you are going to loose horsepower compared to gasoline. I would make a 350 cu in engine the smallest I would go. You need all the power you can get and I’m sure you will not save on fuel (wood) going to a V6

Hi WesK
You did ask for opinions.
#2. Good motor grade gas is determined by LOADED engine power period. Flaring is only for show and tell, and clean warming up burn offs period. “Perfect” “Blue” flare gas gives weak IC piston engine power period. On a 6-8 cylinder IC engine sized gasifier you would not be able to afford the actual 5-10 horsepower suction blower to be able to simulate a loaded engine suction flow anyhow.

Steve Unruh


I have no wisdom to offer on PCV valves or making good gas, but on your opinion question, check this thread:

. . . and anything Steve U has to say about engines in any thread - as a matter of fact, pay attention to what Steve U has to say about ANYTHING.

Bottom line is, Wayne has almost perfected the Dakota transformation, so you can’t go wrong with that platform. Anything else is largely experimentation, but I don’t think that intimidates anyone on this site.

By the way, Steve, I’m collecting as many of your “rants” as you call them, as I can find. Maybe we can publish another book called “Steve’s Book of Wisdom.” But I’ll guess Chris has had enough of book writing for a while.