Sock Filter & Cyclone

First time creating a thread here. for some reason I have to use an external keyboard with my phone or I can’t read what I’m typing. Oh well.

Below is the filter assembly:

Dang, I forgot to take a pic with the sock on but you can see it there:

I would never use screws again to fasten the caps because it’s too hard to line up and when I wipe the inside out the bottom screws can catch on the rag or worse scratch your hand. The top cap would set there with noting but gravity, friction and vacuum to hold it. The bottom cap would need some kind of latch.

Here’s my source of filters:

I have a pipe plug in the bottom to drain the condensation. If I had a latch instead of srews I would just remove the cap to drain the condensation.

Well, running out of time. I’ll add the cyclone later.


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Thanks Jeff, for showing us. That is yankee ingenuity at it’s finest.
Before I discovered this site, I was following a youtube build that used a very similar filter, but wrapped a few layers of paper towel instead of the sock.

I like it. Tube socks are straight and long. The guy in Sweden then uses air to “puff” the inside of the sock to knock the carbon off.

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Hi Carl,

I looked for tube socks but they didn’t have them. I should try a wool sock.

I think I figured out the typing problem. Had a setting messed up.


The cyclone did have soot on the surface of the nut jar:



Oh, I don’t think puffing the sock would work because it becomes wet and hasn’t ever caked up yet. After about two months (depending how much use it sees) I just rinse it in water.

It’s interesting that whitish ash like stuff collects on the neck of the water bottle and the soot collects on the nut jar or so it seems… :dizzy_face:


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I also made a foam sock out of expensive filter foam and fancy glue but I don’t think it works any better than a cotton sock. I think the foam is only about 1/2" thick.

That’s about it for now… :smiley:


This weekend I noticed that more char dust collected where my hose clamp attached the sock filter to the angle iron. And when I looked closer I could also see a dust out line of the angle iron.

The above photo is looking down the inside of the PVC pipe. The black ring is the clamp and no it is not a shadow from strong light going through the thin wall PVC pipe. Going vertical you can see the two contact points of the angle iron.

Maybe I need to wrap the outside with some kind of tin…