Solar Kiln

Hi Guys,

Found this link, I was thinking that one could take low grade wood chips and with a solar kiln make them into high grade wood for the gasifiers ->

Thought I would pass the link along.

Also I got my new manuals for builing Keiths Gasifier in the mail woo hoo. Love it.


I was thinking of something along the lines of these solar food dehydrators.

sun whats that we don’t get that stuff here

So because I will be chunking wet wood, I need to thinking about drying some wood. I recall Steve U. handing out great advice about air flow and insulating but I can’t seem to be able to find it. So maybe this will trigger a response from Steve.
My first wood chunk dryer won’t be very big because it will be located here in the cities. I also want to put it on wheels so I can move it around as needed.
The picture provided is similar to the shape I need. The flat side will be where the windows will go because of hail and snow loads. My friend is replacing windows in his house soon so I can acquire those for free. I may just use a sliding glass door for the flat wall. My thought is that there needs to be a barrier wall between the sliding glass door and the wood. The thought is to have the warm air flow under that wall to and through the wood and out the top. Maybe even with a chimney?

Any thoughts or ideas will be appreciated

I’ve got several patio door panels that I’ve collected to make solar panels. I doubt I’ll ever use them, so If anybody is interested, I could bring a few to argos.

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Do you guys need a dedicated structure?

A garage with a fan blown bin and dehumidifier might do just as well.


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Yes Stephen, it will have to be bigger for me.
Initially I was thinking off grid the fan wasn’t a good idea but then I remembered I have a 6" 12 volt fan that may be good for an exhaust fan. To draw air through?


Sounds good to me. I remember how PAINFULLY hot my garage was in Delaware and it was attached to the house. That would have dried wood in no time. As long as there is a way for the water to exit the structure either as steam or a liquid, it’s all good.

A typical Maine cord of wood is 4000lbs green. That means it will lose 2000lbs of water when kiln dried. That’s 250 gallons of liquid water or 250,000 gallons of steam. Freaky when you put numbers to it!


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Am I correct in thinking that you don’t want to use glass with the low E treatment. I have some double paned with the low E was going to separate and see if the E coating could be removed. I was thinking about some heat grabbers to add to house or shop for winter and moving them to a “bin” for wood drying summer time

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