SOLD - 1987 Dodge woodgas truck

I’m selling the woodgas truck. It’s a great truck, but I want to build another one and don’t have room for two in the driveway.

See build details here and here (also here for Premium members)

Truck Facts:
1987 Dodge D250, carbureted 318 (5.2L) V8 engine, 2WD with 3spd auto tranny (classic 727 Torqueflite). Heavy duty suspension, large hitch for towing. Some surface rust, no flaking.

New water pump, timing chain, alternator, radiator, thermostat, belts and hoses. This as of two days ago.

Last year when getting the truck ready to drive (after sitting for several years) I replaced the tires, front and rear brakes, steering parts. Truck has nearly 3,000 miles since then, on woodgas.

Converted to woodgas in March 2012, by the master himself (with my help). Keith gasifier runs clean and makes good power. Currently set up with an 8" restriction. Standard gauges, temp visible in mirror, vacuum and AFR gauges are dash mounted.

Dual throttle system with woodgas under carb. All PVC plumbing (post cooling rack).

Truck still needs:

  • Paint
  • A/C
  • Exhaust Heat Ex.
  • grate shaker motor

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m glad to make more videos if needed. Or come see it at Argos next week!

Asking $7,000. EDIT: This truck has sold! Thanks for looking.

Chris, Looks like you put a new alternator in it. Keep those belts tight. Too bad you live in suburbia and can’t start a woodgas museum there. See you next week (hopefully) … Mike L

Hi Mike, it’s no museum piece! It still scoots down the road. New alternator, water pump, timing chain, radiator, belts, hoses. Truck has never run better.

Chris, Will you be driving to Argos on 100% wood?

Hi Chris, I was just joking about the museum. I hope you get a few takers on it so you can get the $$ and build a newer one. The fun for me IS in the building and I don’t need to sell anything (yet). Of course where can you go and see an actual gasifier collection besides here or Berkeley ?? Wayne has sent his older ones down the road and mind you they run down the road … BBB SWEM HWWT etc etc … See you in a few days. Will you bring your own violin ?? … Mike L

Congratulations to Don Henson from OK City! The truck is now sold. It will still be coming to Argos, he’ll be picking it up here after I get back.

Don should be very happy with your truck. Lots of truck for the money!!

:o) … See you in a couple of days … Be headed out tomorrow or early Friday … Wayne called me from Tenn this afternoon should be in KY by now … Safe trip and God’s blessings !!! ML

That’s great Chris …Glad you got ya a buyer

Good deal Chris. I am very glad to hear that it has sold. On to bigger and better things. SWEM!!

Dakota is next! Wayne’s got one picked out already… Although it will be awhile before I have time to work on it. I’ve got a pile of other car related projects to work on, including a rebuild of the Geo Metro engine.