SOLD! -- 1996 Dodge Dakota

I have a 1996 Dodge Dakota already converted ready to run on woodgas.
Details on the truck
No rust
Fresh re manufactured 318 v8 under 1,000miles on motor (everything is new)
Engine converted to accept woodgas.
New tires all four, New Brakes all four, New front end
New trans-mission mounts A/c blows cold air. Entire truck has been gone over anything broken has been replaced
ready to ride cross country. Top Speed Classified :slight_smile:

Details on the gasification system
Complete system Gasifier, Heat x, Cooling rails,Condensate tanks And filter
Complete instrument package including vacuum and temp.

Low profile gasifier – hopper assembly. All equipment within bed, floor of
bed is uncut.

Low profile, streamlined cooling rack. No welds on cooling rack tubes

All materials used were new no second hand.

Read more about this truck here

Or contact me direct here for more details. Thanks Sean

Sean, this goes on the front page! What are you asking?

Thanks very much to offer that!!! 21,500.00
If anyone needs any of the details on the build I have all the documents and pics. available.
Regards Sean

I don’t want to start a discussion on this thread, but I have to point out one thing to potential buyers reading this.

Over the next ten years, you’ll be paying for fuel for one or more vehicles. This cost to you will definitely be over $20,000 at today’s prices and average mileage. If gas goes to $5/gallon, this truck will pay for itself in just 7 years. If you drive a lot, it will be paid for even faster.

But here’s the real motivator.

If you buy 10 years worth of fuel, where is your money going? I think you can answer that.

If you buy this truck, where is your money going?

It’s keeping the lights on at Sean’s house. It’s feeding his family and furthering the research he’s doing into gasification. It’s going into another truck. It stays in the US!

One final nudge. What do you think this truck will cost in a few years? Inflation, fuel prices, and rising interest in gasification will push the price of this vehicle (and similar ones) much higher. Sean is not standing to make huge profits on this truck. It’s basically priced at cost, including his labor. You can’t beat this with a stick. Anyone with the cash to buy this should do so, quickly.

Hello SeanF and ChrisKY
Hey Sean hows-a-bout a naming contest to draw continuing attention to this until sold?
Could be about the actual complete vehicle and system to start building Seans capabilty brand. I’d suggest “Seanbuilt”. I’d like to say Frenchbuilt but with all respect to our France members here I think that would be confusing the red, white and blue with the blue, white and red? too much.

Or a name to highlight the uniqueness if the now develped French rectangular gasifier system. I’d nominate “SlickWood”, or “Woodiebox”.
Ha! Ha! Sorry, Woodmizer, Woody are already used up. Check the Internet.

What do you all think?
Steve Unruh

Hi Steve,
My head is swelling a bit, I like the name suggestion and custom car builders will come up with some really neat ideas for signing there work.
Unfortunately this is not my strong suit but I will give much thought to it. Sean

F is for French, Fire, Free, Fuel, Freedom, Force, Forward, Full, Far

S is for Sean, Strong, Safe, Sturdy, Slick, Snazzy, Speed, Super, Smoke

Just some quick ideas from the local wordsmith.

Bump. Any interest in this truck yet Sean?

Morning Chris,
Yes there is some interest.

I have gotten a few phone calls and some e-mails on the truck.
The past two days I drove the Dakota to the local burger joint in town.
On both days numerous people asked whats in the back of your truck?? And where can I get one???
Not the first time I have driven on wood to these restaurants, this has been done many times before. There is just something about the little truck that people respond too. Some turn white when I tell them the price and some say that’s a great deal. Makes ya wonder I don’t think it will last long.

This truck has sold! Congrats to Sean and the new owners.

Congratulations Sean. You, and Chris, and Wayne are giving some legitimacy to this craft! The finished product has REAL MONETARY VALUE! HA!
Full speed ahead my man!

Good on ya Sean!

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Sean, Congratulations!

Henry, Well said.

Congrats Sean,Very well said Henry

Hey Sean,

Have you found a replacement yet? Now that you have gasified a dakota I know you will want another.

This morning coming back from the coffee shop ( Sunday morning old farts gathering ) on the big road the little dakota was at 80 mph before I realized it.

The contrast in working the big, heavy V-10 all week pulling trailers, moving hay and equipment around and then taking the dakota out on the road reminds me of my grandpa letting me ride one of his big mules and feeling the power with all the gear, trace chains gingling , creaking of leather ,ears rotating back and forth for the slightest gee or haw or grandpa’s adjustments, all the sounds and smell of work while I was holding a firm grip on the hames as the mule was pulling a plow or drag slide vs getting on the back on a three year old quarter horse and feeling the wind in your face and fence post looking like a picket fence.

Hello to all,
I am having internet difficulties yet again up at the Starbucks now.
The new owners text-ed from south Atlanta truck is running real sweet very Happy with it.
Thanks for the comments I will have to spend the next few days deciding on my next step. There will be a few more builds/experiments coming up real soon. Scouts Honor

I have a 4x4 Dakota that needs some TLC and a gasification system. I will be on that as soon as I can clear some shop space. Some voice in the back of my head is saying build one of these (woodpowered) but I can’t imagine why???

Dodge made it’s new home late last night. Ran without any issues. New driver is very pleased with the truck. In his own words the truck runs very smooth on wood. Big Thanks to both Wayne and Chris for this awesome website. Without it I may have never built the truck in the first place.If I did the thought of offering it for sale would have never crossed my mind. Thanks Peter C
HWWT Now its W.M.W for me Sean