SOLD: Chevy Woodgas truck

9500 1999 Chevy 2500 hd v8 engine white 5.7 lt runs on wood. It’s an automatic 2wd it has similar gasifier that wane Keith had on his book single cab 8 foot bed truck runs good but runs slow on wood cause I think pipes need cleaned selling because house debt. cash only any questions 913 530 5194 I live in Kansas City kansas right next to Kansas City missouri I tryed loading pics could not so just call or txt I will txt you some

Sam, First, Where are you at ??? Area codes mean nothing these days … Is it 4WD or 2WD automatic or stick ?? … Extended cab ?? What type of gasifier did you build on it ??? I have been working on trucks as much as I can handle the last week or so … I welded some rebar in my red wood truck’s bumper today and finally got my 63 international running … It has a stuck brake drum so have to free that up with the BFH … I also have to clean the needle valve and fix the float … My work truck still needs a power steering line which I have but I didn’t chance working on that easter weekend … I’ll let it leak another week … Thanks, Mike LaRosa, Linden, Wisconsin …

Got some pictures Sam?

It’s a 2wd long bed single cab white truck
I live in Kansas City kansas right next to Kansas City missouri it an automatic and its a 2500 hd I had some one help put it together for me and he said it was basically the same gasifier wane Keith has on the cover of his book drive on wood

I just got these from Sam.


This appears to be one of TEI’s gasifier kits. Doug Brethower is involved with them.

This truck is now owned by member Jim Huseby. @speedstersfab

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