SOLD: Unused Victory Gasifier

Hey Guys, I bought a Victory Gasworks Gasifier new for 12K in 2011 and have been storing it. I am moving back to Hawaii and solar is much more practical there. This thing has a 3.5 Kw Kubota genset and I have never even unwrapped the thing. It is in Champaign, Il. and would need to be picked up. Make me an offer. I am not shipping this thing back to Hawaii!download (1)

This is a pic from the internet showing the setup. I never even unwrapped it. It is still on tbe pallet in Champaign. I live in Des Moines now. I would take 2,000 for it.


I dont have extra money now, though a few good pics of the toltal design would help as too what is made like.

…and a ballpark price…

Solar plus storage is good in hawaii, depending on what island, you might have issues getting grid connected though. They also do quite a bit of biomass in hawaii, but I completely understand wanting to put other stuff in your shipping container.

Hi All,
Look on this sites For Sale in the library for “Victory gasifier on Craig’s List” topic.
Pictures, link info there.

Search up a good link for “Victory Gasifier - TimeAndBeing” for a pdf of the old published out brochure specs. This has a picture of the DC version engine/generator set.

Yep. The old somewhat over weight me in your picture Rick.
All. Note the “V” shaped experimental conversion DC motor/blower swirly tube flare.
My two dust-Vac were only to electrical load the B&S engine/electrical generator system.

SeanO’ the guys offering says $2 ,000. USD

If we can sort the shipping out to Australia in the next few days and if the unit is still available we will for sure buy this unit ,

You could not even buy the materials for 2k that is a great deal!!

Material cost to build that today I based on our systems is around $4500.00 USD.


Dog gone, I looked at that picture and noticed the Stormy Kromer hat and though “That has to be Steve Unruh!”
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Tip of the hat to you Steve!
Gary in PA

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The driveonwood link works.
The others not as I have pasted them; DO show up (for me) still loadable on a Google search for “Victory Hotwatt gasifier”.

Yes, GaryG, I have a Stormy Kromer ALL WOOL hat in black, green and safety orange too.
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Good day , still have the victory for sale?

Hello, is the unit still available for sale?

Is this unit still for sale? We have cash on hand.

Have cash. Is it still available?

Do you still have the unit? Thanks Joseph Ward

This still for sale I’ll buy it

I wanted to know if this gasifieris still available?

Rick just emailed me to say it was sold years ago, sorry. I’ll mark this as sold.


Unlikly you are going to find anything used as the market has scouped them up and they dont come on market used very often.

Here is a link to my site I offer both wood fuel and charcoal systems and am one of the most devleped companies out there.

Or you can start a build thread here or on my site and we will help you build a system. If for small engines I would encourage you to build a simple fire charcoal first. Very easy to build and making charcoal is not hard at all. This will get your feet wet and start your learning process of the technology.


is it still for sale? can we do a life phone call? We are serious buyer out of Canada

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@steeve The title says it all… SOLD. I’m closing this topic.