SOLD - V8 S10 woodgas truck for sale

[See previous listing: Peter Coronis Gasifier (standalone)]

V-8 S10 Truck – RUNS ON WOOD ! 1 cord = 5200 miles!!
1985 S10 with 350CI engine, 700R4 transmission, Wayne Keith Gasifier.
This truck has been built as the next step forward in woodgas performance. Light overall weight and a high flow woodgas system were a priority during the build. This is the first woodgas truck to be specifically designed for use with a supercharged engine.
If performance & mileage is what you are looking for, this is the truck for you!!

Chassis from cab back has been replaced with a custom tube chassis specifically designed to accept a Wayne Keith gasifier. All the build pictures are under New WK Gasser project thread in the premium section of Drive on Wood.
CHASSIS - features 4 link suspension w/ ¾ x ¾ rod ends, adjustable height panhard bar, QA1 double adjustable suspension shocks & adjustable coil over springs. Lower shock mounts are fully adjustable for any desired ride height. 4 wheel alignment is very easy as each 4 link bar is equipped with right & left hand rod ends for length adjustment. . The panhard bar is also equipped with right & left rod ends for easy adjustment. Machined tube holes thru cross members for exhaust.
GASIFIER - has been built to exact specs as shown on Drive on Wood hand book & video with all new materials. The fire tube is the larger of the two designs – same dimensions as the gasifier on Wayne Keith’s V10 Dodge. Extreme design measures taken to sink the gasifier low enough in the chassis to be below the S10 roof. The chassis has also been designed to mount the gasifier far enough to the center of the truck as not to protrude past the door. Full weight of gasifier sits on platform & held in position by a bolt on strap with machined mounts welded to chassis (outer housing is not pierced anywhere for mounting)
HOPPER – features 16 external, removable cooler tubes, 16 hold down springs and flanged & bolted top cover mount (absolutely no distortion in the top cover)
GRATE – ¼ in laser cut stainless steel with star shaped relief holes. We installed one of these grates in Chris Saenz’s Dakota last year — he reports that it works very well.
CLEANOUT DOOR – Outside mounted for ease of maintenance – total access to the grate, machined hinges & latch are all adjustable to insure a perfect air tight seal.
HEAT EXCHANGER – 8 inch bolted flange intake tube with close bolt pattern (to insure no leak connection) 5 inch flanged exit tube. Machined inlet bung for intake blowers.
COOLER – 4 pass, 5 inch flanged intake tube – 5 inch flanged exit tube. 65 feet of 2.00 x .070 aluminized tubing, laser cut headers, removable end tanks, machined Delrin mounts. This unit is a high flow condensed version of the standard cooling rack. The cooler has been specifically designed for high flow and easy maintenance.
CONDENSATE TANK – 5 inch flanged intake, 4 inch flanged exit tube. Machined, 3 bolt mounting system. This tank also serves as lower mounting for the hay filter. Easy removal & installation for maintenance
HAY FILTER – 4 inch flanged inlet, 4 inch flanged outlet. The weight of the filter housing sits on the bottom flange and on machined mounts welded to the chassis & tubular cross bracing to the heat exchanger & cooler tank.
MONORATOR TANK – 2 bolt tab mounted to the chassis. Easily removed, bottom & side drain.
7 BLOWERS – 2 intake blowers vertically mounted. 1 reverse, 4 suction blowers vertically mounted to the hay filter. Outer aluminum cover for wiring is easily removed for maintenance. Vertically mounted blowers will not allow condensate pooling inside blower housings. Drive on Wood builders are trending towards this method.
TRANSMISSION COOLER – Mounted under rear chassis. Fittings on the transmission & cooler have been converted to JIC #6 and connected with Parker hydraulic hose with Parker push lock swivel ends.
WOODGAS INDUCTION SYSTEM – Custom built gasoline, woodgas intake manifold. Throttle bodies have been machined for woodgas & air intake. All tubing in engine compartment & under truck is 3½ inch stainless steel.
Rear half of chassis has been designed to adapt to any small truck such as a Dakota, Ranger, S10 etc.
The truck is 90% complete. — new, has never been fired — high quality build.
Chris Saenz @ Drive on Wood has inspected this truck & can verify the quality of this build.

$4500.00 / 3500.00 without rear shocks . Will sell truck for $2500.00 less motor, trans & rear shocks. All the gasifier equipment can be bought separately without truck for 1500.00

The truck is out of the container & out by the street for sale. This is the last chance for this truck before being dismantled. I think the pricing is more than fair. Will consider trade for early Ford hot rod.

Call Peter C. at 603-895-2907 or email [email protected]

So am I understanding this correctly? The truck has had 1 cord of wood run through it?

No. Truck has never been lit up.


Damn… How much would the transport cost to Thailand be ?
This would be a nice “demo” model to drive around over here…


Koen , I was just thinking the same ,wonder how much it would cost to ship it to Australia and you beat me to it !

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Sure seems like a lot of work not to at least drive it some…


that last 10% can be a bugger some times even with all the best it hasent been proven . and with that said I would love to have it :grinning:someone is going to get a deal any way it goes.


Also have stock pickup bed that is available.


Anyone, even with the most limited skill level will be able to complete the last 10% The difficult & expensive phase is complete.


Willing to assist buyer shipping out of country. Have shipping container available.


Peter did you ever make a list of what needs to be done before this truck is complete and ready to light up and run?


Peter, I know you have a lot of work invested in your pick up but you are going to have to prove to everyone it runs Unless you are willing to except pennies on the dollar you have invested! Would you buy an engine from somebody you have never meet with out hearing it run? This is the same thing! We don’t want to see you take a big loss on it!!


With respect Herb, he IS taking pennies on the dollar. And I can vouch for the workmanship, there’s no question that this truck will run, very well.


No need to vouch for his craftmanship Chris, its so vissible on the pictures and describtion

It looks as a great deal… would love to get it here…

edit: it is a great deal…


Wrong guy to ask about buying engines not running … very common to purchase engines not running or not even assembled. Most racing parts are more desirable disassembled – not running. If the components are good & are assembled correctly – no doubt it will run. Beginners need to see smoke out the tailpipe. This is being sold for a fraction of what it is worth----- already taking a huge hit on price.


Don, The items I can think of right off are — Insulate fire tube & heat X, disassemble & seal all joints, install SS laser cut grate ( chains already installed) gasoline tank & lines, Exhaust system, radiator, rear lights. Fabricate rear body if desired. If i missed anything, it will be very minor.


Sold to Robin Redmond! @robin you’re getting a super deal. Enjoy!