Solvents and cleaning solutions

Hey Chris if there is a topic for this already feel free to move it there.

Anyways guys, recently we had a tar episode on one of the machines and it made a mess. So after we broke the machine in and got it running correctly, we then had to clean up all the goo it made.

One of my guys came out with scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner and it seemed to work very well without hurting the paint at all. I then bought some CLR bathroom cleaner and gave this a try. This stuff cut through the tar better than anything I have ever seen and is safe to use on paint. The tar even when it gets on our stainless parts it pretty much stains the stainless. The CLR with a scotch brite takes it right off.

So we now keep a bottle of this around, not only for cleaning but I also to use it to clean my hands. This stuff is sort of tough on the skin but Ive had much worse stuff on my skin than this. Just wash this off with mild soap and your good to go.

Hi Matt
Try Awesome Orange…its cheap and cuts hopper tar real good.

Hey Jim,

Ive seen that stuff and thought of giving it a try. I will for sure now, seems it might be a little better on the skin!!

I will try the CLR. My pretty machine looks pretty bad with all the tar drippings. Sofar the tar has eaten right thru the paint… I have lots of experience at sanding and painting tho.

Hey Matt

I haven’t been holding out, I just discovered this stuff…Tried every thing I could think of and this works the best so far. use it strait out of the bottle, then finish it off with Dawn dish soap.

Well . . .
For stainless lacquer thinner with SS woven pads works good.
Obviously not use the lacquer thinners on colored paints.
DIY systems painting if you just use black paints then odorless lamp oil or kerosene works fine for tars and stains.
Steve Unruh

To get the tar and stains off my hands I use bleach most of the time .