South Africa - wood gasification needed, 150kw 3ph 400V sawmill


Can anyone assist in pointing in the right direction. Anyone know of a shipping container solution, or plug and play? is gasification the way to go, or super steam? any help appreciated



Well, welcome to the site, Neil. I cant help you too much, but I admire the question. Folks here are helpful and you will likely get a lot of advice. Is your goal transportation, electricity, Combined Heat and Power (CHP)? If you just want to keep your fridge cold in a blackout, that is completely different from living totally off-grid. I suggest you research the site and maybe answer your own question. Wood gasification is a hands-on sport. Don’t know anything about super-steam. :grin:
From the title of your post, you are in need of a large generator station. Probably fuel processing, drying and sorting, a large diesel genset converted to spark ignition, a gasifier that will need its own open-sided building plus a machine and welding shop to build it… It has been done, but not common. What you are asking for would power a small village.


I offer RTR pellet fueled machines. You would need to get a pellet mill and use the machines to run it. You would need a team of my units to achieve the 150 kW. You would need around 20 machines and couple them together via PV inverter technology. A teamed system is going to be a better solution vs a single machine producing this much power. You would need a grain silo to feed it in order to get any run time. If it breaks the whole thing is then down until it is fixed and repair cost will be more expensive as you would need an industrial type engine with special order parts and would require trained individuals to perform the work.

Where each one of my units use a V twin engine that are low cost to repair. One of these engines can be removed, rebuilt and re installed into a machine in four hours time if parts are already pre ordered.


here is a video to watch:

Part 2


Not sure if this will be a good fit for you. But these people build things in shipping containers and they work internationally.


thanks, exactly what im looking for. anyone here have contact details for patrick johnson. long story short, i knew his father rick johnson in kamberg south africa, he has however (im told) left for australia. any details appreciated!


thanks yes contacted them and got a quote for 1M $ for 100kw, goodness me the most expensive electricty in the world !!


Hello Neil .

Here is a link to Patrick’s thread .

You can click on his icon and send him a message .


Patrick’s SA sawmill, as of 2013.


Thanks Mike. I had never seen that. ( Don Mannse did you notice the spacing on the ceiling trusses? Not much of a “snow load”) TomC