Spotters Wanted!

Clean up time… The website importer did pretty amazingly well considering how different the new vs old sites are. But there are still some loose ends to tie up. I’m doing some of this myself, by hand, so some of you will see “Edited by Chris” as a notification. There are around 32,000 posts to look at, it will take me awhile and I’m sure to miss some.

You can help, as you read older posts.

If you see:

If they’re in your post, you can fix them yourself. Otherwise, please send a PM, email me or post them here.

###Fixing Youtube, Ebay, Amazon etc:
It needs to be on a new line, with no other text around it. No spaces in front of the link.

###Fixing internal DOW links:
This is harder. You can (for now) reference to see what it linked to. Search on the post text here, and find the new URL. Update the link.

###Fixing weird text formatting:
Often removing some beginning spaces will take away the grey box of text. Sometimes a # sign will create headings, so just add a space before it to cancel that out. As you post more, you’ll get a better feel for how Markdown works. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

###Fixing quotes:
This is purely optional, but a bit of fun on your older posts. Anytime you quoted someone in the past using double quotes or similar, you can now update that to be a real linked quote. First remove the old text. Leave the cursor in the right spot for the new quote. Select the text you wish to quote above your post. Click “quote reply”. Done!

###Fixing embedded pictures:
Either really easy or really hard.

Easy: If you see a link to something called “”, just edit your post and save it again. Done!

Hard: If you see a broken picture, edit the post and see what it was. Some simple file names like “fire.jpg” or “001.jpg” got lost because there were duplicates. You’ll need to re-upload the original if you still have it. Otherwise, just leave it broken. There’s nothing I can do with these. Don’t bother reporting them here.