Stainless steel tubes for sale

I found these while lurking michigans craiglist. I think the price is a little bit steep however one of these would make a really good hay filter or other things.

Kinda hi $$ me thinks. I’ll take a picture of what we have at the mill and see about a price. Shipping to you would probably not be possible though. I’m also thinking you can buy used SS barrels for about the same price.

Carl, I do agree the guy thinks he has cylinders made of silver. I would probably pay $150.00 top for them, personally.

I think it was lyden oil in lansing -sometimes- has them.
I would call. It is a long drive. And it was a long time ago, I asked there.

I would also try these guys
They are in dowagiac, which would have been really handy on the way to/from Argos.
It is kind of a side business for them.

These are 21" ID and about 20’ long or more. heavy wall but I can’t measure thickness anywhere as they have a steel flange on each end. I plan to get one for the next wood hopper. I’ll have to “graft” 2 together to get the 24" necessary dia. What would be a bargan price?

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Carl those are a good find, they look like boiler flue’s

They came with the used pellet mill equipment we bought 6 yrs ago. Left over parts.

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Stainless scrap is selling for a dollar a pound here but they seem to be shipping it out as quick as it comes in. They are probably paying 50 cents a pound for it now.

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I have 100 of these just as pictured and another 100 with dished heads top and bottom. They were in, in another life, cryogenic vessels 180 and 200 liters. Pressure rated for 350PSIG. If anyone is interested. In Montgomery, TX.

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Scott,Would you consider cutting,(if needed) and shipping these? Al

I would consider it but it might be cost prohibitive. An intact unit weighs 300#. I used to ship these years ago and it was only feasible if shipped in 4’s, placed on a pallet and strapped together. 10 years ago the cheapest rate to ship to LA was $250. The outer and inner could be separated but would probably increase shipping cost.

There is increasing interest in Stainless steel. I’m using SS for any parts that get wet. I found a few places that look to have good deals. This copmpany has a bargain basement for dinged up 58 Gal. drums.
This company has pretty decent prices, Tanks Under 500 Gallons Archives - J Little Mercer
This company has very good prices,
This company has very high quality drums. Dunno prices. Stainless Steel Drums—Page 38
I need to get on the ball and show how to make drum lids with flat sheet and banding material. If you don’t need open top drums, it is much easier to find what you need. The local SS drum supplier on craigslist has dropped their price to $80, I think.
I don’t actually need drums. I just roll sheet metal, make a tube and weld on a bottom. Then, i roll a 3/8 rod into a circle to make the top lip. My heat exchanger is just 2 SS pool filters spliced together.
If anyone is interested in ten inch diameter, 1/4 wall SS pipe, let me know. The surplus place has a couple lengths between 3 and 5 feet. They are not very cheap. 8909 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley, CA 91352 (818) 767-7202