Standard starting procedure

It’s been awhile since I started our little gasser so I figured I’d video a normal start up.

I guess I really need to start on one for my truck… dang i feel lazy though.


If your truck ends up looking as good as your trailer unit, it is sure to be a very clean looking piece!!


Engine started on the first try, it’s a thing of beauty

Hi ArvidO.
Just finished your video. Good job showing the process.
You certainly got the majority of the “other 75%” down on this system.
Nice clean engine starting up. What most only seeing this video will not realize without seeing your previous is that you are doing this on wood chips. This is rare in compared to easy wood chunks.
Yup. Running this good time to move on to a different woodgasing challenge.
Ha! Ha! Your choice now which direction you want to take forward.
I used to worry the direction of vehicle gasification if pursued by many would cause actual deforestation as it did in France and Germany in the war years. Naw. Most today too lazy spoiled to be willing to handle that amount of fuel wood prep, system and operator maintenance versus easy addictive turn key Dino fuels.

Steve Unruh

thanks Arvid. pure inspiration.
do you have any links to your design or youtubes of putting it together?

It’s about time ya got off yer butt and did something!
Lookin good :slight_smile:

another vid of starting it from this morning. wanna show that it’s repeatable. of course, I left a condensate valve open.

Our unit is based off of Stephen Abaddess’ Victoria, with much input from Terry Lavictoire and Max gasman.

i cleaned out out our gasser’s ash can today. had about two inches of good lookin ash/char across the bottom. that would be with over a hundred hours run time on it…

Looking good Arvid!!

Keep up the good work.

Thanks Wayne… I cleaned out the final filter this morning… all the way down to bare metal… well, you know what i mean. the bottom/first stage of filtering is char chunks… cleaned those out by hand… mmmmmm, tasty… all the dirt washed off with a little soap and water so it’s all good.

finally all back together with some plumbing changes so it should be less restrictive. with a little luck my son and i will run it this weekend.