Stationary Generator

Hello All,

I always in the back of my mind wanted to build a steam engine as a back-up power source for my small farm here in Nebraska. (I am pretty convinced about the realities the future holds because of peak oil.) However, it seems that an internal combustion engine running off wood gas is gonna be infinitely easier, cheaper, and more efficient.

So, if i buy a 7.5 kw portable generator and configure a wood gas fueling system for it, how much is the generator derated? Is it going to run rough? What can be expected for this type of system?

Thanks, Mike H

I derate by 50% for consistency reasons, especially with an AC system.

I would agree with Matt…

Me personally, I’ll get a small gas tractor and mount a pto gen on it… that is where i’m headed at any rate.

Welcome to the site Michael
Good to have another fellow Nebraskan here. Lots to learn and scratch the head about trying to figure out what is best for your application. But it sure is fun. Enjoy