Steps to becoming a woodgasser

  1. Learn to weld well
  2. Subcribe to DOW
  3. Begin doing stuff
  4. There is no step four. You just have to do it in this order.

OT: I just finished a manual log carrier. If you watch the video, you will see the difference between my welding and welding well:

Pete Stanaitis


I like the list, but the welding can come after, or in conjunction with, the joining of DOW and reading lots of good stuff.
Maybe even before the good welding. I’ve seen lots of guys who built a lot of good stuff whose welds are mostly RTV. Although welding well sure saves a lot of headaches. Not to mention La Rosa and his tape. LOL

But Your main point is a very good one…just have to get started…

Good, but short, topic


i dont think welding was too hard too learn, as far as mig welding, addjusting the heat, push or pull the welds.Keeping the nosel free of spatter slag.staying out of the wind so the gas stays at the weld zone. Stick welding simular, push or pull the rod angle learning, though with stick there is many more settings as there are the different types of iron in the welding rods, polaritys, ac-dc ECT.Though mig is much easyer too weld thin steel, and faster too get the weld done.