SteveU resigning as host

AdminChris please remove my name as Small Engine Users Corner host.
Thank you
Steve Unruh

Hi Steve;
I read your post under the thread below and nothing that happened was your fault nor was your response inappropriate. I commented to Luk and suggested he join DOW so he could discuss what was said with J. T… I guess that makes me more responsible than you cuz you did nothing wrong. Just wanted to let you know that I hope you will reconcider because in my opinion you are unreplaceable as Host, and more so our friend. Dan


Hey DanC
Not your fault.
Not ArvidO’s fault.
Not JonathanT’s fault.
Not AmdinChris’s fault.
Not resonable fellow Pascal Kitchner’s fault.

Luk Vanhauwaert is an adult and fully responsible for his behavior. No one else.
I spent quite bit of time going and searching out just who the fock was this bastard come into our house, couldn’t listen when the mommy said quit picking on your brother.
Then qustions the mommy her responsibility to do this.
10 full pages of more than 200 posts accross thre topics in German on the “Wood Makes Gas” site since Feb 7th 2014 by this miserable excuse for a human being. Shows he created followers and pitted than against ANY who would have at all question his “Method”.
The hazard of an open topped for a down stream blowback was question by a Joan there and she back-up questioned by another experienced woodgasser there. Shurlock, LucV blew them off ONLY when the Admin stepped in and insisted he address their experienced concerns. He blew them off with why worry about “the theoretical”. Ha! How many here been Dorst trimmed. eh?
THREE whole pages of post later does he say that maybe a problem with his DrizZleR Method using chunked wood. Another issue that Jonathan had correctly ID’ed. Well Mr asshole LucV is still there dividing up that group. That is their problem.
I’d guess you are a YahooWoodgas member too. Faoolw back now he had thred jumped and menbers divided that group since Feb about his method. That is their problem also.
Now go to the dizzler blog site.
Surprize. Surprize. He has now past-up un-linked out of context back and forth fully named sections of these sites content. Pitting believers against skeptics. This is an old, old sick game.
Honestly. Do you really think Ron Ohler, Greg Manning, Chuck Pallen gave permission, and like this??!!

On that: E-mail ChuckP and invite him to the DOW. A guy 6 cylinder woodgassing for 35kW of power is one of us. He can talk much with Patrick Johnson, Sean French and Henry Austin.

LucV is clearly going group to group creating disension setting member against menber and then farming these results of this for his blog content/interest/support.
We DOW are next.
I do not care if his system could eat banana peals and fart blue gas bunnys. Which in my judement even back in May seeing it actually could.
It won’t fuel with chunked wood. It certainly will not fuel with stick wood. So just as other “systems” unable to do this I have no interest in it.
What I’d really, really like to say as positives about the DrizZleR Method and LukV himself after reading some of his excellent stuff on the Holtzgibtgas, I cannot.
Because it will be captured farmed out. My name hung on it as an endorsement. Google search “Steve Unruh woodgas”. And you will see this has been done in the past.
The fact that I cannot even acknowlege the plusses of his Method (finally a simple beginners crap raw fueler able to leave that F.E.M.A. crap fuel system in the dust-bin of history) pisses me off even more.
LucV has the moral ethics of Edison hiring goon squads to track down and harras anybody not "prefectly using “his” system. Spreading lies about Westinghouse and Telsa.
LucV has the moral ethics of later H.Ford with in factory goons roughing up any who would slow, tire or question.
And Kevin analytical/critic Chisholm has jumped on board to be his goon.

LukV clearly only came onto to the DOW to silence J.T. He succeded. J.T was a posting up picturing DOW DOer.
LukV clearly broke the Terms of Srevice in at last three ways in just three posts.
I do not consider him to be menber in good standing.
So I do not consider myself bound anymore by the Trems of Service dealing with this site parasite/predator.
He’s STILL here. Why? Why? Why?
Well so am I. Because this is home. And he came kicking in the door on his high horse all hot and bothered.

Steve Unruh
I don’t appreciate your tone of voice in your reply HERB! I made my comment based on the last half of Steves reply in the link posted in this thread. It had nothing to do with his health. Of course he can do what he wishes. I have an idea! Why don’t you concider how you word your post.

ouch … Just trying to survive here … Crack open a cold beer and chill out … M

Going canoeing MikeL.
Yep will have a beer. Chewy Apricot Ale.
later gator

Hey fellows chill.
This is how the divisiveness begins.
The more this happens the more “they” win.

I’ll be taking the hit for this one and expect it. Just as long as I take LukV “Nellie Oleson” out with me so you guys can get on woodburning DOing.

“Keep your shit screwed together tight and hang loose”

Steve, I can’t canoe yet (safely) but I was able to swim in Lake Michigan last week. The water was perfect there. Keep feeding your brain !!! They are lining up for this year’s parade right now in front of my place so my truck is parked out there but I won’t drive as I have no reflexes yet in my legs and people tend to walk right in front of me so not safe this year. OK for normal driving but clutch brake clutch brake clutch brake gas gas clutch brake clutch brake gas clutch brake etc etc etc not safe … We are praying for rain here now. Send us some :o) … Thanks, Mike L

Althou I appreciate you did your research on Luk and his drizzler, as well as all your cumulative experience on other forums. I’m not sure how by you resigning as host of the Small Engines Corner, will fix this.
I think canoeing and a beer sounds like a better option. Heck, maybe you or the Mrs can drag a fishing line behind the boat to catch some dinner.

First of all, much as we all love Steve, it is fully his decision whether to take his name off the forum section at any time for any reason. I respect Steve enough to do as he asks, no questions asked. Steve, the position will remain open if you change your mind. Thanks for all you’ve done as host of this section.

Luk has been warned, and should he continue to post in violation of the rules, will be banned permanently. This is why rules exist - rule breakers are warned, then restrained. A civil discussion of the drizzler is fine. Calling names / inflammatory postings of any sort are not fine. As Luk so aptly stated on the Yahoo list, “the DOW list, Where I was just a few second member and already had to experience how prickly and sensitive and little girlish they are”.

Yep, that’s us. Prickly, sensitive, and quick to latch onto troublemakers. Little things like common decency matter a lot to us… Nice people get along very well on DOW, and we’re gonna keep it that way.

Thank you Chris Saenz
It is a relief not having the extra buttons.

May I suggest that you say one last thing to show that the Admin ALAWAYS get the last word and STOP, MEAN STOP NOW.
And then lock this thread.

Sure now you do not want to throw me in the briar patch as unpredictable only able to post up on the Premium side?

Again thank you
Steve Unruh

Well then. Let’s just get back to what we do best - making shaft power with wood fuel.

Thread locked by request.