Stihl chainsaw muffler modification

Today I modified the muffler on my Stihl MS290. The EPA regulations mandate two tiny slots in the muffler to minimize the power output of the saw so that people spend more time cutting wood and use more gasoline and oil. The European version of the same saw has four slots, and it puts out more power.

The modification is to drill more holes in the muffler so that the saw can breath easier and flow more air. More air through the saw means more power. About twice as much. In addition to more holes in the muffler, the carburetor must be modified to flow more gasoline. I did this modification today, and the result is nothing short of impressive. From being easier to cold start, to starting quicker, to revving up quicker. And I haven’t cut anything yet, but YouTube videos show the saw cutting twice as fast after the muffler mods and the carburetor mods.

In regards to the EPA, just like any other corporation, United States corporate statues and regulations apply only to corporate agents. So if you have a Social Security Number, which identifies you as a U.S. government agent, then I suggest that if you perform these modifications, you could be liable under federal regulations. If you are a free man, like I, then the only worries are federal brutes committing crimes against you and charging you with violations that are without their jurisdiction. And then you have to go through the trouble of dismissing the criminal and statutory charges against you and then filing federal lawsuits against those same federal brutes. It’s a tougher road, but freedom is worth it in my opinion.


Funny I just came in from cutting wood with my Stihl. I can’t imagine mine running any faster and the only time it bogs down is when I pinch the blade. But for a few drilled holes I may try it.
I haven’t used this saw for a while, I have a smaller one that is easier on my back, and the last time I used it, it would not cut straight down the log. I saw a You tube on how to make it cut straight and tried it today. What a difference.
What do you mean you don’t have a social security number. I thought now days they were issued with the birth certificate. Not that it bothers me, just curious, but how do you pay taxes?TomC

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Tom, I was born in Canada. I was told I needed a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada, and so I got one. I wasn’t told that there is a country called Canada where I was born, and there is a corporation called Canada that is tyrannical and imposes draconian burdens on it’s officers and agents. In order work in (for) the corporation called Canada you need a Social Insurance Number. Working in the country called Canada is a God-given right that requires no Social Insurance Number. All these things hold true for the United States of America as well. There are 50 states united under a Constitution, and there is a corporation called United States. In order to work in (for) the corporation called United States, you need a Social Security Number.

Regarding Title 26 of the United States Code, this is a corporate statue that only applies to agents and employees of the corporation. Having a Social Security Number is evidence of being an employee of the United States corporation. If you study Title 26 closely, you will find out that the statute only applies to “income” that the federal government has a direct ownership interest in. The website is a great place to start learning about title 26. If you work for the federal government, or if you received securities that came from a federally controlled corporation, then that is taxable income. If you declare that you had “taxable income” or if someone else declares that you did, and you do not rebut that testimony with a 1040, then you will be liable for the tax.

Personally, I make deals with other folks, trading my time for money. I don’t work for (in) the United States corporation, and so I have no income tax liability. It’s as simple as that. Actually, the Social Security Number is only necessary to work for the U.S. corporation and to participate in such social programs as welfare, employment insurance, national pension plan, and so on. Of course, I don’t participate in any of those social programs. Call me old-fashioned.

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You one OLD FASHON dude, just what you said,i am kidding,Any time you can make chain saws start better,you got a job,good too here you know your,our, rights,thats more than most of us know,whats going on is draconian in this country and other countrys is illegal,and unconstitutional, sooner or later its cooming down to a chip and a beast one world govermen,
that may turn our chips off if we dont follow there satanic religion.acording too the good book this country was founded in.I dont talk religion on the dow. you can email me any time on that subject, although i am not a preacher. hows you truck moveing along, I keep haveing too make more money too find time too finish my project.

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I appreciate the awareness about the muffler. The rest of the information I don’t believe belongs here on DOW.


Kevin, you can call me anything but “average and ordinary,” I love it.

In the last three weeks I have been working full time, and I got sick. But I did buy some more wheels and tires for my truck. Now I have four good tires and two tires that were made in December 1987. I also got a new brake drum so that it doesn’t shake, rattle, and roll down the road. Actually, those tires are not all balanced properly, so it still vibrates. I replaced the oil pressure switch so it doesn’t drip oil when I park.

I finally got my MS290 running and tuned today, so I can mill some planks. I have to rebuild the bed on my truck because I didn’t provide enough room to fit my gasifier. I need to build a platform to set the gasifier on, and I also want to build two more toolboxes and flash it all with sheet metal so it’s waterproof.

To finish my gasifier I have to build the condensation tanks, build the cooling rack/canopy, and then mount it all and run all the plumbing. Build a mixing bowl, the damper valves, the timing advance cable, the tennis ball valves. I have given myself three weeks to finish it. If I don’t finish it in three weeks, then I’m packing everything up on my truck and I’m going down to Springville, AL so that I can git-er-done with no distractions or excuses. I really want to drive on wood to Argos this year. I’m not doing it on gasoline. 826 miles at 7 mpg is 118 gallons which would cost me $250. I would rather buy a generator, or save it for my land to build a house.

I don’t generally look for opportunities to talk about my faith or political beliefs, but when I feel the need to, I speak freely. When I feel the need, I choose not to talk. For example, talking about the EPA and my chainsaw. Their rules and regulations just don’t apply to me, so I can do what I want with my chainsaw. I thought it was important to mention that because I thought people would wonder about that. Same thing with my truck. In my case, it’s a 1973 model, so the emissions statues don’t apply to it. It is older than 1975, so it is without the jurisdiction of Tennessee Title 55. There are ways to stay without the jurisdiction of state statues. Title 55 doesn’t have jurisdiction over non-residents of Tennessee. So when I buy a newer model, as a non-resident of Tennessee, again, I’ll be without the jurisdiction of Title 55, and will not be subject to emission inspections, etc.

Notice how they always say, “when you establish residency in the State of Blah blah blah, you must register your motor vehicle within 90 days, and blah blah blah.” State statutes only have jurisdiction over state residents, and no one can force me to become a resident in any jurisdiction.

Edit: After a brief survey, it seems to be more often within 10 days of establishing residency, not 90 days. Not that it matters to me. I think has some forums to post this kind of right wing information, however the wood chunker page really isnt the best place for it, just sayin…(and i’m a far right) inc thread lock

Quite frankly, I don’t care about Talk about endless rabbit trails, fear mongering, solution less garbage and nonsense, with a little bit of truth mixed in to retain people with a brain. All I wanted to do was talk about my wood chunker (chainsaw).

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This post has gotten too far off topic and violating forum boundaries. Please leave the politics / legalese out of it.

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