Storms in Victoria (AU)

Well i always knew my day would come when i could stick my finger up at my neighbor’s who laughingly asked why i was always playing with charcoal , and didn’t i have a light switch like they have , they just click the switch and we have lights , they said , well not for at least the next 3 more days you don’t buster !
it feels so strange looking out and down into the bush and not see a single light anywhere , not even the sound of a screeching generator in the distance could be heard the first couple of days , the neighbor down the lane way managed to get his brand new one fired up after having it sat in storage for 5 years with a full tank if gas , that stank to high heaven , i managed to clean up his carb and get him hot coffee and cold freezer after 2 days so he is happy and i even know when he has the kettle on now as i hear the screeching genny in the distance .
I have full Lifepo4 battery’s after 2 hours of charcoal run time , another 2 hours see my lead acid 24 and 12 volt packs with enough power in them for the fridge freezer lights tv computer ect ect , i have mobile internet unlike most of the people i know around me as there phone lines are down as well as the power lines , i hate my self sometimes the past day or so sat here with that smug grin on my face .


You are a good man helping out that neighbor Dave.
Of course the trick of it was knowing what to do. Experience.
Smart move keep him at his home not door knocking, needing.
Ha! And he aint likely to be barrowing charcoal to run his generator, eh.

Now be sure and light up a string of LED colored Christmas lights to cheer up the rest of the neighbors.
Nice to be independent isn’t it.
Steve Unruh


Steve , i didn’t bother with Christmas lights , i thought the fact that they would be seeing my house lights on as normal and hearing my drop saw cutting wood with no generator running would have made them think about the bad times and being prepared , maybe Christmas lights would just about rub there noses in it just enough while i have another bite of my lemon pie . :joy:


Love it when a plan comes together.