Strawberries in the greenhouse

Hi Fellow gassers,
I thought I’d share my little treasure trove with you all. The effort is well worth it!. mmmmm, Pepe
Greenhouse strawberries

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Looking good Richard, mine that were in containers never made it through the winter last year. The ones in the garden are really putting out the runners this fall. I covered them from frost a few weeks back, and are still doing well. They may get covered by snow tonight. Do you keep them warm in winter in the containers, or let them freeze? I am still hopeing to get a sunroom on the house this fall but will not be heated or insulated this year.

Hi Jim,
I move the planters outside for the winter. I cover them with a couple feet of dry leaves and cover that with plastic to keep the leaves dry to maintain the insulating value. I’ve done this for 10 years now and have only lost a couple of plants. Check out this video for procedure on how to keep the ground from freezing.
Dig carrots in the winter - YouTube.

I also planted 40 or so outside in the ground this year and will leave them to nature to see what happens. I believe they will make it through our zone 4 winters OK. I will leave a couple of the smaller plants in the greenhouse to freeze just to see what happens. I’ll keep you posted. I like the sunroom idea a lot.

HI Richard , I will try covering mine this year. I seen tour carrot video last winter and was impressed. I will be leaving some carrots and parsnips in this winter to try that also. I have no basement or root cellar to keep them in yet, but looking for the right deal on a backhoe to fix that. For now I will leave them in the dirt and mulch. Thanks for the tips

Hi again Jim,
I neglected to mention that I set the pots in a trench deep enough for the pot to sit in and make sure there is soil all around the pot. You may not have to do this but every bit of insulating soil is a help. Check this video out for your sunroom.


Of course you can get carried away in a sunny living room, lol.