Stuck/Broken Fasteners

I notice that none of the trucks you guys use for converting to woodgas seem to have any rust on them. Up here in Wisconsin, it is hard to find an older rust that still has any truck attached.

So we have to deal with stuck fasteners all the time. Yesterday I took the crank handle off of a 100 year old blacksmiths forge blower and there was a stuck slotted head screw. I used the “heat and quench 3 times” trick and it worked like a champ.

That made me think that it might be worthwhile to post this link to my website:

Pete Stanaitis

Good site Pete, added a shortcut to it on my smartphone. THANKS Dan

Hello Pete,
My first woodgas conversion was a 1998 Gmc Sierra.
Loved the truck and the memories!!! One problem it was from Canada. Salt rusted to the max and needed new everything. Working on a rusted truck is not something I would do if it could be avoided. Best solution I found is an Oxygen/ Acetylene cutting torch with a 1 1/0 tip. Not to cut bolts but heat them to cherry red then cool. The heat will eat up the rust and the bolt should come free. You will want to replace these as you go they are worthless. Hope this helps

I use electronic rust protection, works even in high salt beach driving.

Would like to hear more about electronic rust protection.

Hmm, here’s the top Google results.