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Official Wayne Keith Design Reference - I would like to see a new “sticky” topic in the premium section called something like the “official design reference.” What I am thinking of is a thread which takes Wayne’s book as the starting point (version 1.0) and is updated with any changes that are officially endorsed by Wayne since the book came out.

Just as an example, I recall being active on the forum around the time that the angle iron pieces were adopted as a recommended way of implementing the jets, relative to the older design (I think that change made it into the book).

But what about officially endorsed changes and improvements that have been adopted / recommended by Wayne since the book came out? In wading around in all the threads, I have gleaned a few. For example, the adoption of removable cooling tubes. But are there others? I don’t know, because I haven’t read every thread that has been published over the last two years since I was last active on the web site.

I guess what I have in mind here is changes that Wayne has actually adopted, tested, and is recommended as part of the current version of the “stable design.”

I am kind of thinking of how versioning works in the open source software community, where every so often, a new version number is issued to the current stable release.

Similarly, it might also be nice to have have an “experimental” fork to the reference design, where Wayne summarizes the things he is “beta testing” but is not yet ready to recommend as part of the stable reference design until testing is complete.



I like it, both from a “here’s the latest designs, and what works and what doesn’t” and a “here’s the evolutionary history of the WK gasifier system” standpoints.


I’m pretty sure something changed with the cooling fins. I’ll try to find a link. But it might be on the premium side, which I don’t have access to right now. The cooling fins should not be placed too close together or they will warp and restrict air flow, weld them a little further apart, think of the cooling fins on a small air-cooled motor.


Hello Kyle

I feel sure that in the near future Chris and I will start up dating some of the building plans and procedures but I need to be very careful . Many times in the past I would have some bright idea that would look real good on paper and after a lot of hours labor and dollars it turned out the idea was NOT so bright .


Hello Mr. Keith, looks like this is a good place to start. Just logged on about an hour ago and for the first time. I have been following your sight and videos for more than a year now. I am all about your idea. As the newest member, I was looking for something of that sort while trying to navigate through this site. Look forward to meeting everyone and God bless.


What would happen if the fins were corrugated like you see on an AC unit but at higher angles. And I wonder if anyone on the site has repurposed steel banding like what ties down pallet loads for fins. Any advise would be great. Sorry that it’s a little off topic. Still learning how to use the site. To be truthful, hate social networking, but love wood gas and people.


Good morning Leroy and welcome aboard sir.

It will take a while to learn to navigate the site or should I say it took ME a long time and I am still learning .

Many of us have used the heavy duty banding . The last two gasifiers I made I utilized the banding.

Below are some pictures


I am afraid that I don’t have access.

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Thanks Chris. Good to go.