Sweep "L"

This template makes a 3.25 dia. 90 degree sweep “L”

How to make a 90 degree sweep “L” from scrap.
1 - Print template ful size on 8.5 X 11 inch piece of paper.
transfer drawing to sheet metal and cut parts
2 - Bend cut parts around a three inch pipe clamp and tack weld
3 - Tack and weld the three parts together.

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great job, I’m sure this is going to help out a lot of us on the forum

Hi Dave Bloom,
I tried printing the pattern both landscape and portrait and messing with custom size but still can’t print it full size. Any hints as to what I’m missing. Thanks, Pepe.

Hi again Dave, Looking at the pattern you posted it does not look symmetrical about the x axis. However the smaller printout when cut out (paper) and taped together looks correct. Now I’m unsure what the problem is with the full size. Also, many of us, I think, would like to see a 2" diameter pattern, can you post a pattern that size?
Thanks, Pepe

Check your printer properties, set margins as close to zero as you can. For a 2" pipe the 10.75" lenght should be scaled down to 7.28". I use a lazer printer and can scale the print to any size.
Hope this helps .

To make a template for your sweep “L”

1 - cut one end of the proper size tubing at 22.5 degrees
2 - wrap tubing with paper and mark the inside at the edge of tube
3 - unwrap paper and you will have the template for your size tube

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Hi Dave,
I will try the printer property settings. Thanks for posting the graphic method for making the pattern.