Tar tank design

I have a one gallon tar tank for my truck that i am about too install, i caint find the page in the book on any details of fab. Do i need some sort of seperator plate or does the hopper drain come in at bottom of tar tank , caint find the info in the WK book.??Thanks if any one has the info on the tar tank discription plumming.

You’re looking for section 3.25, Hopper Condensate Tank. Page 98.

Hopper drains into the top. There’s a standpipe from the bottom that allows the water to drain without disturbing the tar that’s settled out. A bigger pipe flush to the bottom drains everything, tar first.

If you have any room at all, I’d make a bigger tank. 1 gal will fill up very quickly.

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Ok Chris thanks for the info i will use a 4 or 5 gallon tank then. I am going too check the book and mark that page so as too find it.Ps i found the page and it was just as you said, i am not much of a reader i gess. I took speed reading in 7th grade though it never helped much.