Tax credit for alternative fuels

im pretty sure federal provisions are in effect for alternative fuel tax credits, they are focusing on more popular fuels, but hydrogen is listed and we all know were burning hydrogen in the engine, what i say is who cares how we get this hydrogen? they dont care what kind of bio diesel your burning…

anyone tried to get a tax credit yet? 1500$ is enough to motivate me to fill out paperwork…

even if it was available to me up here in canada i wouldn’t apply for it… really don’t want the gov knowing everything i’m doing… but that’s just me

Yeah, I’ll echo that Arvid.
Not to be rude Brett but after 40 years watching AND PAYING FOR Govm’t ass-sis-tance to alt-energy . . . . well learned best to just keep a long distance away.
Ha! Ha! You go ahead and tell me a couple of decades later if you aren’t singing the same song.

Regards anyhow
Steve Unruh

Brent,Arvid and Steve
Every day my truck runs on wood Sometimes it is a road tar truck Sometimes a BBQ pit Sometimes an Liquor Still. The truck is whatever I say it is. The savings is burning wood and not buying Gasoline. I will even pay road tax as long as I don’t buy Gasoline. I earn my way every step no hand outs. Regards Sean

Well said Sean!

Thank you

i hear you guys, i just saw a commercial talking about it, only reason i ask is bc thats almost 4 months rent for me, and i know how the government spends, they bleed money everywhere, i appreciate everyones thoughts on this, im going to keep looking into it, i just figure if im eligible why not ? :slight_smile:
like i said im broke and in college, its not like unemployment lol just something i add to my tax return

I am with you Sean,

No Liberals here!!


I think mine will be a “chicken smoker”! If I can find a couple of those rubber chickens to hang on the cooling rack, here in the south, it will look as common as a load of hay.

Would you prefer ordinal recipe or extra crispy !!! I couldn’t help it

That costs more then real chicken! Gotta go check the dumpster behind KFC. . . be right back.

Brent I looked into it some, checked for energy credits with my state, contacted the chairman for enegry in my state and the best i got was. IDK you should call the DMV about licenseing and i don’t know of any energy credits you qualify for. So i said screw it my truck is a hybrid vehicle and still uses gasoline so i still pay road tax what is the diffrence between it and a gas electric hybrid like the chevy volt?

I’m with Arvid. the Gooberment knows too much about me already.

thanks eric, im expecting a call tmrw about the whole thing, on the website there was a spokesperson who i called and left a message, well see, even with out the credit im enamored with the gasifier that will be running my truck, the 1500$ is just for parts anyways! ha yes they really know too much but ill raise my hand for 1500$!

hey go for it Brent the worst they can do is say no,
Don’t know about you but when some … elected offical (have to keep this family friendy) gives me the runaround even though i’m trying to play by there rules it just makes me want to go my own way even more. Don’t ever tell me i can’t do something, i’ll do it on principle just to make you eat your words.

i agree

Let’s keep the politics out of it guys.

Hi Brent and guys
One thing you guys might be careful about is road taxes
We got into that with a big grocery chain in LA they wanted tax credits but they had to declare milage and then the gov wanted road tax so be careful what info you devulge
good luck

Sorry Chris not trying to get all political on ya, I stirred the pot on that subject. I promise won’t happen again.

Thomas, that was my thought when with my above post I still buy gasoline that I pay road tax for and that is all they need to know.

We have an administration that is friendlier to us, than it may appear. I know that for a fact, and it looks like the situation may not change for a while. So, I’m gonna’ go for it. If they want to road tax me, they can find a way. I’ll help 'em. I like good roads. Though, locally, our roads are Mob projects. I don’t like that.