Testing new size fuel

Good point!

Reminds me of a wood gas electricity plant a company bought a few years back, just about 10km from me. A used one from Germany. The plan was to burn chiped slabs and other waste biomass from the industry.
The wood is moist, the people have no idea what they are doeing, and my guess is the gasifier isnt sized well. The resault? They run a few months, then they clean the tared up engine for the same time it ran.

You can imagine how bad of a reputation this made to woodgas. Everyone l meet and tell that l drive on wood says its imposible becouse wg is too dirthy to run a engine. Well, most guys from this site can just laugh to that :smile:


My point exactly… we need good reputation…

For me, i can prove at any given time, that using wood as fuel is less polluting then any other known fossil fuel… hence even less then hydrogen if you have to produce hydrogen first…


You might consider something like this:

Pete Stanaitis


Hi Koen.

What yeld do you usualy get when makeing charcoal? I mean how many grams of charcoal do you get from obe kilo of bamboo?

Thanks Pete, That’s what i am looking for…

Hi Kristijan,

Yield rate between 28 and 35%, so for each kilo bamboo i get around 300 Grams good charcoal


Have to be careful not to hit on my left hand…


Now you just need to put that rig under a drop hammer like Cadillac Herb used.

Hi Andrew,

Working on it :grin:

Testing how big the hammer should be…


results on the first test set and preparing the second string of tests…
The samples will go to the lab monday… but the visual difference makes me feel confident to have the right way…

This time a well closed capsule with integrated Thermo couple, gas input and gas output…
Oxy and Co2 to activate the carbon after the charcoaling…

Firing up the oven tomorrow, the red bucket wil serve as smoke blokker, the last pipe will flush the remaining smoke with a circulating pump, injecting the smoke and water under the surface…

Well, testing is fun…


Did find my new chopper… behind some other stuff in my junk pile… to be modified


I can imagine a chute full of bamboo sections moving along and being chopped into 8 pieces. It will take some work to build the positioning mechanism, but will be so satisfying to see the chunks pile up. Nice looking auger in the third set of pictures. Thanks for letting us enjoy your work.

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I believe I understand now the distance between jars 2 and 3 now. The height of the pipe after #3 and before #4 will drain back into jar #3. The temperature difference drop in that part of the pipe will be the condensate for jar #3. Any condensate after the apex of the pipe will drip into #4.

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in this kind of setup, every jar has its own vertical segment to collect the condensation formed in said vertical segment.
Adding segments or decreasing the numbers of segments is possible, even cooling one or more segments. Depends your own need and imagination…

Without imagination and or fantasy, nothing would be ever build…


was fun testing today…

The 2 thermocouples gave a nice reading, difference between the oven and the inner tank temperature.
@ 700ºC i switched of the electric, started the oxy untill 1000ºC and then switched to CO2 in the cooldown.

The pictures around 800ºC when i opened the oven for taking a glimpse… see the heat move from hot left to colder right…

The red plastic tank is getting the final smoke… the tube having running water pumped around from the tank to the top of the tube…

Now uploading few clips on youtube and then posting them here…

Oh yeah, the bamboo shoots are delicious…



The youtube links:


Ok, some data for the data crunchers…

4 times in a row the same test ( i need 1 kg charcoal for testing per sample )
Input material always from the same batch, air dry bamboo chunks age between 4 and 6 years, humidity <20% ( test results from lab, i am waiting for.
Input 1 kg per run
heating speed: Ambient to 1000ºC 2,5 Hours
Holding at 1000ºC for 1 Hour
Cool down to ambient over night
Output: 248 Gr high grade charcoal, conductivity 1,4 Ohm ( Less then 100 Ohm is the norm and 1,4 is super low )

Further: after 3 runs of 1 Kg input material ( did not measure nr 4 in this ) i obtained: 744Gr Charcoal and 1300 Gr Bamboo vinegar in the jar’s
I did not count for the loss towards the waterdrum nor the Tar dripped on the floor.

First smoke in the Jar’s @ 270 to 300ºC, drips dropping in the first Jar right after that.
Flammable gas at 440ºC, self sustaining at 470ºC
Clear flame, smokeless gas after 630ºC, the amount of gas decreases rapidly, nearly no gas after 700ºC but be aware, there is… ( i have a gastorch running constantly to avoid problems )

Three temperature probes installed: 1 oven temp, 1 reactor temp and 1 output towards the jar’s ( see picture)

The output vinegar is of excellent quality, now i am blending with foodgrade alcohol for tincture and some rare Bamboo whisky ( for those who want to risk an eye… )

We just trained our new QC to have some proof of excellence… The cat can’t resist…

Usability for the bamboo vinegar, besides the tincture and Whisky;
Kill Pests by applying a 1:20 ratio to the soil
Kill weeds by applying a 1:50 Ratio to the soil
Prevent stems and roots from rotting by applying a 1:100 ratio
Prevent pests and mold while accelerating plat growth by applying a 1:200 ratio to the soil.
Prevent plant lice by applying a 1:400 ratio to the plant.
Enhance fruit growth by applying a 1:500 ratio to forming fruit

I hope i did well with this posting, it tooked me an arm and a leg… to get my words from my mind and put them in writing…


That is amazing, all from that one type of bamboo and just changing the ratios. I’m really impressed with what you are doing here. Organic everything in one bottle. Just change the strength of it.


Koen you are very lucky to have 1 constant source of material to test with , I also know from charcoaling 2 large privacy screens made from bamboo that I had laying around the garden that bamboo makes pretty good charcoal very dense and low dust content , now if you could try just one more experiment for me can you test out your wood vinegar on ants please , I have just taken down 2 very large gum tree’s and there are millions of piss ants living in the wood I am trying to cut and split and they stink and climb all over me while working and would love to give them a taste of vinegar see how they like it :grin:

Cheers Dave