Testing new size fuel

Testing fractional distillation in the kitchen…

Be careful…

1 part to mix with regular diesel, other part to mix with heavy fuel…

Preparing samples to sent to labo


All above are small steps in learning before i make a “raw wood” gasifier…
But i promise, one day… :grin:

If i know the way to toggle the behavior of the condensate into my advantage…


Looks good! So is this methanol or some other fractiom?
Have you got a idea of yeld of flamable liquid fuel/kg wood?


Hi Kristijan,

This is a first “field” distillation, testing the possible separation of Tar components and other liquids.
The acidity increased from 4 to 3, so that is a change but i am studying the different boiling points in order to extract other components.

This first distillation was at 118ºC ( vinegar / acetic acid )

Methanol has 64.7 °C
Ethanol has more or less 78,2 °C

I am graduell working towards the lowest temperatures , hoping not to lose to much vapors :grin:

But one of my aims is in this :

and more info:


I was just scanning this post and thinking about your splitting method it reminds me of how they make French fries.
Anyway that got me thinking could you put that splitter inside a tube and use a set of roller to push the bamboo through the splitter before cutting then on the output side have a saw cut all the split bamboo to length? If that worked you could automate the advance rollers to step the bamboo while the saw was out of the way it would be fully automated chunks falling off the end of the saw onto a conveyor belt or into a bucket.

A little more thought. Look at A corn chopper basically put the splitter. Between the knives and the in feed.


Great info Koen, but you overlooked the ability to make vanillin, and other favouring agents with white oak, and perhaps other hardwoods. Almost magical… :slight_smile:


Hi Garry,
Yes, magic it is…

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Hi Koen

can the methanol and ethanol that you distil be used as motor fuel?