The beginning of the end

I put 42 dollars in my 22 gallon gas tank in the 318 Dakota today and it will be the last time I “fill up” this truck for at least a good while, with gasoline anyways… What a good feeling.


Glad too here you have acomplished the big refinery project.

thanks, idf all goes as planned I will be DOW this weekend. Lots and lots of wiring :thumbsdown:


This Quality project is much harder than looks from the surface.I wish i would have bought longer thermocoupler wire for my rig, and i havent even started wireing,Are you thinking under the seat for the thermo harnis wires, should probbly put at least one of the cooling rail or crosover near the speedo or drivers side for easy glance veiwing i am thinking,Good luck getting done/learned before argoes.IT really is going too be a big ecomplishment and a joy to be passing the old stations.


Basically mounted my digi readouts much like Wes Kuhl and Carl Z did inside a central “control panel” in the back seat there is a small space underneath that I made my own fuse box, and put the inverter and 12v bus the TC wires come up from underneath the truck right in here and run in a 3/4" piece of liquid tight that runs up to the main control board mounted in the center console. I will post some pics of the finished project once I reactivate my premium status.