The Blower Thread

Just a brain storming thread for better blower designs or options.

The blowers Ive designed work, but are just that more work. So looking at off the shelf alternatives right now.

I think this thing might work. the blower housing is isolated from the motor. Judging by the sound of that thing, I could potentially boost and engine with it.


I looked it up:

93 cfm and 47" wc, blanked off.
500 hours service life and about $100 each retail.
5.7 amps max at 120 VAC.
I am surprised that he needs a 10,000 watt controller. Lets see---- 10,000/120 = 83 amps! I looked up the controller. Probably the most over rated product I have seen lately.

Pete Stanaitis


Yeah thats what I was thinking. I was thinking of just getting a Harbor Freight router speed controller and a 800 watt DC//AC converter.

I found this one on Amazon for a little over 70 bucks and free shipping.

Next development I plan to bring the gas up in pressure during filter process to help condense the moisture’s out.