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This might be a better solution than my electrolysis system. they are readily available on market.


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I wonder if that oxygen concentrator would be a possible alternative to having a super charger on an engine?


I dont know, seems like it would have been tried. However I think at lower volume they would be perfect in our applications. Especially in my proposed system packing it all into a very small micro sized gasifier system. It would be very tiny and run on the 5mm pellets. That opens up a lot as those mills are very low cost and use minimal energy for fuel production.

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Interesting in-depth exchanges on the realistic fuel cell woodgas possibilities for sure PeterOR and MattR.
The future I believe for sure.

The reason most will still stick with ICE/woodgas is numerous.
Many, many currently available new, used, FREE IC engines.
The IC engine woodgased used maintenance is really not all that bad, or odious. Refer to Dutch John’s engine/gasifier maintenance for his home-power generator as an example.
The IC engine and gasifier operations and maintenance are very See-Do basic. No more problems than keeping a bulk wood stove and old lawn mower up running and usable.
Of course many cannot do these. Botch if they no-think, “I am a Modern smartie” try. Ha! Make the mistakes and learn, say’s I !!

Xoie Ichigo with his extensive VW based modifications; and his refereed to beat-emissions powertrain-registered vehicle swapping is obviously an excellent See-DOer.
He can follow along easily Ray Menke’s system examples.

Now step up, and out, into not deployed fuel-cell Tech? Not many can follow that. Be willing to take a leap-of-faith. Put in the $'s, and years to be pioneer, many-mistakes, be the trail breaker proofers.

Examples just in the last two weeks have been a retired mill electrician B-I-L and his son a welder/millwright; a 40’s yo medically discharged hi-tech Army Ranger neighbor; another different 30’s y.o. working machinist neighbor all asking auto-electrician me for help with five different vehicles with electrical system problems. Sigh. One had burnt out all of the under-hood harness fuseable links on his just-found 69 Ford Thunderbird insisting on installing TWO, not one, batteries backwards. that old Ford had old both black colored replacement battery cables. Both of those with universal fits both +&- lead clamp on cable ends. Gee dude. The cable going to the engine block would just have to be negative, eh. Fried the alternator. Fried the instrument cluster voltage regulator too. Radio too?
The other neighbor with only used occasionally an 85 Jeep Wrangler was head scratching a goes dead after weeks sitting, recently developed problem. He asked for help after new cables, new alternator, new charge-back wiring, new starter, and two different batteries installed. Turns out one battery had been recharged reversed polarity by a different “helpful” neighbor . Sigh. So that new alternator was probably needed.
I showed him step by step how to measure key-off battery drain/draws with a 10 amp fused milli-amp meter.
How to split out at his starter relay batt-terminal junction stud to trace his 250 millamps draw to each individual vehicle leg supply circuits. Ha! Was none into the factory vehicle circuits… His draw was through his recently installed bumper winch unitized reversal solenoid-pac. Dude, you will need a simple manual disconnect added into the winch supply cable.
B-l-L and son were fighting a 150 milli-amp draw on a high mileage 05 Ford Escape.
First dudes quit trying to trace the problem with just voltage on your VOM. Use the 10 amp scale battery in-line.
O.k. Under hood power distribution block master-circuit fuses #19, and #21 are the sources. See . . . NOT the alternator you’ve been suspecting. NOT any of 80% of the rest of a relativity complex features options laden vehicle. Half of their 150 milliamps drain goes away with removal of in-vehicle 10 amp fuse #10. This feed the instrument clusters/theft system light…
They are still working down to find the other problem drain.
Easy “fix” solution I suggested? Just put in two ignition-on powered isolation relays up on the #19 and #21 circuits.

My point to my long drawn out stories. None of these fellows is stupid. 3 of the 4 much more PC computers savvy than me. They ALL work/have worked in complex, hard to learn, technical areas.
But take a person out of their hard-learned specialty . . . .
Expect them to learn a whole 'nother hard-learn . . .
THEN they will expect YOU to deliver to them a rock solid never fails I don’waana-learn system solution.
And will bitch mightily when you fail to deliverkeeping them out of their dis-comfort levels.

Ha! See-DO is just so much more easy to sell.
You plugged it up dumb-assed!
You tarred up your valves dumb-assed!
Now clean up the mess, you made. Learn from this. Learn not to do this next time.

Steve Unruh


Steve, i am a great believer in knowing your limitations and trying not to mess with things you dont fully understand i for one have ruined lots of things over the years because i thought i could fix them with my limited mechanical / electrical brain , and its not until a helpful friend shows you what you did wrong that you realise that your not really that smart at trying to fix complex items , that’s the great thing of having a pool of clever friends you can help each other out with your field’s of expertise .
Now who wants to be my smart clever friend and fix this skip full of stuff i have wrecked over the years !:joy:


I don’t claim to be smart or clever but if I can help out with my limited mechanical and especially limited electronic brain, let me know.:grin::grin:


But if you don’t try people don’t help you, and you don’t absorb the answers when you see them. Ruined things make you really pay attention in class.


Well said.
“Fortune favors the bold” . . . means you make your own luck.
Trying; and then getting stuck, lends to others experienced who will then step in to help you out.
I never ever would pick up the hitch-hiker who was ass sitting waiting for “help”. You got’s to be at least trying to move your self forward.
And the best to help are those determined walking forward projecting I WILL GET THERE, come whatever.
Steve unruh


and if you DO things outside of the box, you keep learning by doing… if you find the wall of your box, imagine whats on the other side… ( you really wanna know ? :grin: )