The poor man's sawmill

Hey All,
I ran across this video searching for sawmills after seeing Wayne’s setup. No, I didn’t build one, but the song @ 11:31 is a pretty catchy tune. I think you’ll like it.

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In carpentry we always say if the material is heavier then then tool, you move the tool. The only thing I don’t like about this is you have to lug the heavy log onto the jig. I prefer my Alaskan chainsaw mill. Really I just want Wayne’s mill but until then…

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Thanks Pepe for the video .

I used my mill the last couple of days and plan on sawing the rest of the week .

What will I do with all these slabs :relaxed: :grin:



You could always start up a delivery business as well - keeping the burntube hot all day long. Less stress on the tube and it will also keep wood pile hight down. Win - win :grin: