The Value of Premium Membership

Hi All
Many of you will have read Admin Chris reminding many that their initial Premium memberships are expiring. All life is balancing costs versus values; values versus costs.
The direct costs first:
$50. USD for 6 months.
$100 USD for 12 months
$200 USD for lifetime.
Wayne Keiths 192 page WK system plans book comes with the initial purchase of any of these. It is the inital lot of book only buyers memberships that are expiring. For Many the book is what they wanted and well worth having. They will still have front side access and friendships here.

The value to re-up membership??
Right now currently on the Premium side a fellow named Walter Sprague is going through difficulties getting his book built system to road perform the way that he needs it to. Mr. Wayne and ChrisKY are both post by post actively helping him. WalterS built onto a 1992 Ford pickup truck with a 351 engine system. Neither of them have operated this Ford electronic fuel injected system. Both Dodge truck and older Ford truck experienced woodgassing. Member Martin Willoughby now converted and operating his 1993 Ford EFI 302 vehicle with a WK book system is involved now advising. This is valuable direct experienced help “beyond the book”. I as a Premium member read on and learn because I also have a similar 1994 Ford pickup I would use also. I’m very familiar with these Ford EFI systems. There are Premium side members having/are converted GM and Chevrolets now also. We all help each other with the differences and adaptations to systems and WK solutions “beyond the book”.
Now Premium side members like PatrickJ are up and running his modified WK on stationary systems like on his 3.7L Chevy inline engine generating that are “beyond the book”. many helped and advised him along the way.
This direct question and advising is Very, Very Valuable.
Out here on the public side we will not be able to picture and respond in as much detail on the WK system particulars as on the Premium side. This is an indirect cost of not being a paid in premium member. Of course we will still help - us Lifers have it in the blood - we just will not respond to the core WK system details.
This is one of Lifes truisms: Only that held up in value can ever truly be be valuable and cherished.
This is especially true in people to. Think how children are valued as the path to the future. The elders as the wisdom of experience. And the currently productive as the engines that make it all work. Balance.

Commonizing and Commoditization of everything and everyone IS the real modern Disease that I detest.
Other of course may have their own opinions.

Anybody who’s been an active contributing premium side member building for stationary PERSONAL use being caught short at the moment I can help a few on 6 months re-ups.
Ha! Ha! Here for personal family loyalty I’m supposed to say “Ford Owners Only!”. Not going to say that. Active. Contributing. Personal use.

Steve Unruh

God bless you Steve

I bought the text book from the bookstore but still need the teachers. Sometimes they have to knock pretty hard to get it into my head using plain common language. Nice thing here is goobs of teachers so if I don’t understand one another chimes in and makes it very clear. AND I get to see what and why people are doing from all over the Planet not just the little bubble I live in. Already saving for reup cause this is probably the cheapest education I’ve ever paid for either by monies or SHK mistakes. Just my two cents


Very generous of you Steve. If someone is planning to renew shortly let me know, we can work things out.

We’re not trying to be evil money grubbers… DOW is time consuming work, and this is how we pay the bills.

[Truth be told deactivating memberships is painful work, and it’s taking me several days to get through it. So there’s even more grace time.]

Its worth it if your really serious about making woodgas happen. You can go it blind and make it happen, but so many people have already done so much work you can jump off from. You can take it and do something new instead of wasting time relearning the wheel.