This is VEK

Hi all,

I am launching a series of videos showing the construction start to finish of a 100% off the shelf gasifier. Im calling this the Vulcan Gasifier Experimenters Kit. This so far is just for the gasifier, I will work on a filter system later for it. For now I will offer a weld together kit of our existing dust filter and condenser and blower system.

Take look, this here is the first of 12 videos that I will upload. Its going to be while before all 12 are up. lol

Well I got up to part 5 uploaded. lol

Are plans available, I’ve been watching the vids and they are great.

Maybe some day, lol right now my plate is way over full. Watch the videos all the way through. I am still uploading yet but, you should have a good idea from the videos how to construct this. You dont need to do this exactly how I did either use own intuitiveness and build it. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions feel free to just ask and Ill do what I can to help.

Very cool Matt. What exactly did you mean in part 7, “welding a couple walnuts” ?

LOL yeah Im not very camera friendly. But I think I was referring to the weld nuts to bolt the service cover to. Just plain ol 5/16 or what ever you have at your disposal will work.

One I need to note is to not weld to the cast grate, I have welded to cast with success before, but in this application it is not a good idea. I played around with implementing these grates into our production builds. I found just a little stress will cause these to crack after they are welded. I built a simple mounting plate in place of welding this. Just using jam nuts here will not work. While actuating the grate while it is heated up will cause the nuts to come loose. If you tack weld the nuts in place it might work but Im afraid over time the grate will slip. So I like to over engineer.

Funny you mentioned the cast iron grate, I was wondering how well it would hold up over after a couple of cycles. Thanks for clearing up the walnut deal.

Here are a few CAD models of VEK. I did draw the basic construction of it before I built it. The rest I just winged it.

Looking great Matt, when is projected lift off?

Hi Jim,

Check out my you tube channel.

Hey Matt; When is #12 coming out on the vek? You must have got sidetracked. Dan

Yeah Ive been hit at all sides this last week. Not sure whats going on with my internet, but it keeps dropping out. Its been working OK the last few days so Ill give it another try this weekend. We have taken on some orders for turnkey systems earlier this week. So I had to establish the manufacturing order forms for these. Lots of work their with very little sleep. Had to figure out the parts for the BOM and then establish the purchasing and manufacturing plans. Im working on an order for a 50 kW system that will be fully automated, so Ive been working with a controls engineer to develop an engine management system that will be tied into the gasifier systems. This machine will self start,run and shut down. It will have a secondary hopper with auger system. The high output 5.7 ltr will be a very hungry motor so a large hopper will be in order for this one. This potential investor is coming to our facility this next week from Hawaii. So we need to get things cleaned and organized here. Then there is the Farm All, been working hard on completing that one. Should be very close to debugging on Thursday. Ill have video up on that as soon as possible.

VEK part 12 is just a quick assembly of the air ejector. I don’t like these but for off the shelf its easy to do. So your not missing much there. Im hoping some one out there will take it upon them self’s to generate plans for this. I will work with any one interested just contact me.