This tax credit is generous. Is it?

This tax credit for green hydrogen is available but you have to apply and get approved but after that you get 10 years with unlimited production and tax credits filed quarterly.

I’m pretty certain thatt his tax credit is refundable that is you get cash as opposed to just paying less tax until you pay your tax liability and no more. This is how you get cash from the government.

$3 per kilo. Biogas syngas is 30% Hydrogen by volume so syngas is a green hydrogen pump.

there’s a point number six below that addresses syngas. Thats good. you need to make 30 KW from a standard unit of mass or close to that somehow and then you’re good to go and they want carbon capture I recommend sodium carbonate and then I recommend Steam pressure turning modified wind turbine generators.

Syngas can also melt aluminum and melted aluminum liquid makes hydrogen in contact with water and if you want green hydrogen you melt the Recycled aluminum with thin gas and you drip it in water and you get just buckets of hydrogen.

Thats enough.

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You should actually read the article you posted. The article explains ITC credits are not refundable, however, they can carry forward into a new year to be applied to future tax liabilities. Historically, they never have been since Carter. Bush rewrote the whole Carter system to put more emphasis on cost effective generation production rather then merely installed capacity and removed the government handouts and they have worked that way ever since.

Syngas is part hydrogen but in order to gain ANY credits for hydrogen production, it has to meet the criteria of less then .45Kg of CO2 per kg of hydrogen produced.

The reaction of aluminum with water, creates Aluminum Oxide and to reverse that reaction. It requires significantly more energy input, and you will never get the math to work in your favor.

IF you want the tax credit game, I would look at the BECCS (bioenergy carbon capture storage) credits. I don’t know what the IRS put for the final rules and whether you have to have the -whole- system. It was $50/ton for sequestered CO2, and biochar is all carbon.


Thank you Sean for your input it is appreciated. That offering was powerful. the biochar offering is unremarkable at $50 a ton because it takes seven or eight tons of wood to make a ton of charcoal and I’m learning how to take the value out of softwoods right now. RECs are refundable.

Back to spinning wind generators I can spike the syn gas with extra hydrogen now.

Im back to refundable again.These production tax credits are refundable… I have a call with a 1-800 accountant tomorrow I’ll see what they say and get back to you.

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these tax credits aren’t refundable but they are transferable so yeah so go ahead and make all you want because you can sell them at like 25% off just to get them sold or whatever. you can tell them to the local tax guy and he can enter and sell them to his customers and then you can sell them to a brokerage but need to make a company that files quarterlies so you get paid faster. you start small to begin with and have the IRS take your fuel and then you show that to the accountants and you say I’m good to go.