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You said it. Like I always say, and I have even typed it somewhere else in the forums, no matter what your personal reason is for building a wood powered vehicle, or just Wood Gasification, we all have our own reasons.

I have talked to folks wanting to just give “Big Oil” the finger, while others are just of the notion that “They don’t want to conform and be reliant on others”.

There are the “Doomsday Preppers”, who think the end is near, but now that we are past the 12/21/12 date, some have rethought their reasoning.

Then even others, like myself, believe that most of us, (Especially older folks) have seen the good Ol’ United States go steadily down the tubes. We are dependent on other countries. We don’t make things anymore, and even when we do, the material is made elsewhere.

My personal belief is that something in going to hit the fan, be it the goverment selling us out, or natural disaster, but something in in the wind.

Us folks who live in the country, and I mean extremely rural areas, are just one of these “Doomsday Preppers”, but we don’t know it.

We hunt, fish, farm, have many vehicles, and rely on ourselves to get things done and repair or build what we need (Such as Wayne Keith), and we do it all day, everyday.

Now, getting back on track, I was chatting with an old “Hippee” who has an electric car, but we discuss where he gets the power to recharge this “Green Vehicle” which he never thought about. I mentioned that he could make a Wood Gasifier and power a generator to recharge his vehicle so it would be truely a “Green Vehicle”.

So, I now have him on board with gasification, but he is skeptical about wood gas. I am trying the sway him to this as he really likes his “Electric” car.

But either way, Wood Gasification powered vehicle, or Charging a electric car using Wood Gas is the same thing. Just make sure you don’t go too far from home.

Ken Winiarski

You sure goin way back Wayne. Embargo? That was’nt a 60s or 70s model in the parking lot. You may have had some of these younsters goin though. funny .