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Well Im closing a chapter and creating a new chapter in my companies development. We have a lot good things coming for next year along with fresh cutting edge development. So I decided to open a new topic here under our new branding and will give updates here going forward.

So anyways I will start this out with a new video that was just uploaded. This our Utility Series II I just wrapped up the other week. This is the smallest gasifier package with full automation and turnkey generators available for it, I believe on the planet. At least as far as I know anyways. Once we did finally get this little thing tuned in it is quite a performer for its size. Its quite versatile as its light enough for a two wheeled dolly system and is a breeze to move around.


Nice unit Matt. Would you mind telling me where you source that flex hose you’re using? If I could afford one yours looks like the package I would choose…
Best regards and good luck with the new chapter
David Baillie


I get the hose from McMaster Carr here is link to one of the sizes we use. but you will need to search this again to see all the sizes available. For some reason when you copy the link from the main page of this product it takes you back all the hoses they offer.


Very nice set Matt :+1:


Looks good Matt.

What kind of run times are you looking at with a 1kw load?


Depends on the generator, we used both this generator and also a smaller one. This one will run for 20 to 40 min tops with 1500 watt load and the smaller generator will run up to 50 mins with the same loading.


Here is a prereq for what maybe our Truck Series Gasifier Unit. This was the unit left over from the 25 kW machine we just rebuilt. It was sold as a stand alone unit and detuned for small engine applications. So next year we do plan to expand the Utility Series into two more larger units. These two units maybe offered in an optional platform specific for luty duty and the larger pick up trucks.


Here is the Evolution Series 4

There was some concerns on the panels rattling they do not make any noise at all. The machine ran out beautifully. This will be heading to Japan hopefully Ill get to follow it over there :fire:


New Free Open Source Gasifier


Matt, This Is Great! Thank you for putting this up in a Free Open Source Gasifier, For Everone. You Will Be Blessed in Your Business for this.


I was up all night cranking this thing out on CAD. I have parts and pieces scattered all over my living room lol. Yeah I did it backwards bought all the stuff first then I designed it!! Once I get the forum online Ill start work on breaking down the CAD Model for the step by step plans. I am going to build the plans just as I build the machine. So here at the start I may start out building the hopper and that will all there will be of the plans at that stage. Ill add on as I build and the forum wil get launched right at get go. So there will be full support from the very start!!


Hi Matt,

Thats how a genius works… not backwards but the right way. Build a working prototype, get it tuned and ready, then make the plans…
Enjoy but not forget to rest now and then…


The Thrive Off Grid Community Forum is now live, I also update the resources tap to get back the DOW site. Ill be adding more content later. This forum is for my existing users and those interested in building the TOG gasifier.


Ok I had to create a new forum the stock one that comes with Wix sucks and it way to limited. So before I got too deep into that one I set up one that has the features we need. So I set up a MyBB forum. So new link for you to follow if you have signed up please follow the link and sing up again. This wont happen again as this platform we can transfer all data from it if we ever need too. Sorry for the inconvenience.


First segment complete, see first stage construction video here


Thanks Matt, very informative.


It is finally here the 2017 Evolution Series I / II machines. These two machines will become my flag ship machines we have to offer. They are practical to operate with a 10 hour run time consuming 1 cubic yard of fuel. 12 kW capable with 5 kW continuous output. Plenty enough to power the house and an outdoor shop. If I had my choice it would be this machine for our shop it is awesome. Next versions will feature the self running systems I am working on all you will have to do is arm the system and feed it like a pet.


OK I have something pretty cool to show, this is a simple rolling machine. In two of the segments of the TOG build is going to require some forming to create the hearth (fire tube) and the reduction skirt. These pieces will be cut out and sectioned from the 12" tank and need to be rolled smaller. So I had to be creative and create something anyone can build out of simple angle iron.

I built this first version out of 1X1 square tubing and 1X1 X 1/8" angle. I took some detailed pictures of this so you guys here can replicate it. It works quite well for what it is and is easy to use.

This is the infeed side

Out feed side


Matt, you’re right, that’s cool and of course on the list now. Well, after a major clean up and sale of some in the way tools, so I can move in the shop. Darned, I like collecting, but I need the space now. I think you could form a cone with that also.


It was pretty easy to make too. I only had maybe 30 minutes into it. If you need any help let me know Id like to see someone build one. If you go bigger you may need beefier angle 1/4" or maybe 3/8" thick and even add some gusseting. This one is about 8" across and that is 14 ga steel. I think you could get away with a 10" span before needing heavier angle.

Yes I think cones are doable as well. The angle on the swing arm handle; if you build it so you can change its angle and along with the way you feed in your stock I think cones would be no problem. It is a bit of an art not as easy as a roller. You just to need to feed in little increments at a time and take your time forming as evenly as you can. That was my first try on that piece in the picture, I had to go back over a few spots to get it round, but still amazed at how easy it was. :slight_smile: