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Oh Matt if only it was true we get NOTHING here that you guys get we dont have the stores you have at ALL no bloody choice at all , and we for sure do NOT get anything at all like the Predator range of machine’s , try having a look for anything you have just , put Aus in the search you be hard pushed to find anything and if you do find it expect to pay at least double , sure there is always the direct way with Aliexpress but by the time you pay freight & customs .it aint no bargain anymore .
7 years ago Mc Masters opened up dozens of home supplies stores like the ones you guys talk about there across Australia huge big stores , fantastic we thought at long last someone to rival the over powering Bunnings Warehouse hardware stores we have here ,it was great shopping there as they had a lot of the garden machines that you get over there , but well it lasted about 1 year sure they got a lot of people through the doors but sheep do what sheep do best and went back across the road to Bunnings ( yes they built there new stores as close to Bunnings as they could almost opposite or as close as possible )
within a year all stores across Aus had closed down and moved on out .
Sean mentioned a price that you pay for electric over there i think he said 12-16 c/kw ours here is 40 plus c/kw and that’s me getting the cheapest rate its well over 50c for most people plus a supply charge of over 1.20 a day and remember the exchange rate that makes your power dirt cheap , Mind you if your working and have a trade then no problems as the wages here are outta this world they earn so much you have to be wealthy to get a trades person in to do basic repairs most charge around 150 an hour .


Well crap there goes my plans for moving to Austrailia then :frowning: Yeah Italy was a trip, they have everything we have but all are Italian companies. They basically have thier own varients of our companies.

I think the issue is probably the teriffs and honestly the USA needs to follow suit or at the least even the playing feild. Your goverment is actually doing you right this is why all our jobs have gone away.


Are you sure you cant get these generators. Predator is just a name for Harbor Frieght., The company that actually produces them is Lifan and they make that same exact generator for probably hundreds if not thoughsands of other companies.

Predator, DuroMax, Champion, WEN. Westing House are just a few of these companies that are sold here in the USA. They are ALL made by Lifan and or a subsidary using the Lifan engines.

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We do have some of the cheapest power in the world. I think canada is slightly lower on average. It is the main factor for us trying to convert to renewables. it isn’t nearly as cost effective because the rates are so low to begin with.

I wanted to say you guy paid 30c/kwh, but that was a number from several years ago. I would be all in on solar and/or wood for 50c. well honestly 30c would probably do it, that easily covers the cost of solar plus storage and wood as the backup.

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I think he was saying that after shipping, import tariffs and taxes the cost is significantly more.

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Did not know that. I picked up a 5500 watt DuroMax on some kind of flash sale on Amazon last year. $429 bucks. Being dual fuel I just wanted it for my well backup power. Says it has copper windings.


Fellows. Fellows. What I’m hearing here is the Grass Always Appears Better on the other side of the fence.
And sometimes in one-two ways, for a time, it is.

We all live with assumptions delusions. We are neither as Bad as some would try to convince us. Or as Good as we try to convince ourselves.

The best belief system is all about the Here&Now. This is mine, truly.
Things, possibilities . . . they do change on you. Sometimes seeming overnight. Always. Always. Shift change within a decade.

The made-in-China bounty can be made to dry up vertually overnight. Remember the both side COVID Stops!!?? Factories shuttered. Ships stacked up in the receiving ports.
Don’t panic. Have known ahead three different ways to still get shit done.
For me to convince the ladies in the house that you Always, Always did get your one allowed packet of toilet paper when in a store, I dug out the old flimsy paper telephone books I’d stashed. Started tearing out pages and wadding, smoothing, re-wadding to soften, telling them unless more commercial rolls could get got, then . . . this once-was-past could become, for a time; the present.

So only utill you can decades differences engines swap-around and make-do-work you’er one step away from none, no-power.

Matt Ryder now has a fleet of four electrical makers. Overlapping redundancy. Capable. Able.
I have three engine driven inverter-generator units. Still four RediLine PM magnet motor-generators. Shelves of automotive alternators. Piles of wiring and cabling. Five different running air cooled four stroke engines.

Sure. Sure. Not in the USA or Canada I’d have fewer. But still barter, buy, to have depth of capabilities.

Any one of you still taking your small engines to shops . . . well, your lack is obvious.
You lack capabilities, experiences and tools. Ha! Look at Giorgio’s made up valve spring compressor for his B&S flat-head. Capability = imajination.

Words less. Internet less. Dirty hands sweat more. Breaking stuff teaches too. Don’t let first-world buy-and-ship-easy be your handicap excuse. Before you would become it; act second-world, make-do.
Learn to braze too. Learn to rivet. Learn to free-hand drill. Learn to flat file form.
Steve Unruh


Yeah i’m sure we cant get them over here , the only large kva inverter units are called Robocar typical soundproofed enclosed unit they sell new for around AU1900 i guess thats probably around 1300 in US .
The ones you can buy on Aliexpress dont look much better and by the time u take in shipping its not worth it .
i just found this one i wont be buying though its the largest one to date i have come across but i think its diesel .

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It looks like it is two petro generators teamed together.

The best one you have is on the GEKs I think that is 20kw full syn, and I believe it runs off a car engine.


We had quite a successful day trying out the Hoop fuel agitator. This thing works quite well and you dont need much energy to put into it. Plus all the energy from the vidrator is put into the hoop instead of the entire gasifier causing new problems. Fuel flow was linear the entire run I actually had to slow it down some. The vibrate I have set to a lower vibration setting. I actually have to actuate the grate more often then before. So I installed the timer and hooked up the grate motor.

The hopper agitator is set for 80 seconds off and comes on for 3 seconds. The grate is set to off for 5 minutes and on for 3 seconds.

Testing the first run with both agitators functioning now.

If this hoop thing dont break this is how to do it. Its actually pretty stupid simple.


that is actually a really neat idea.


Yes its a fantastic idea as most simple idea’s are but still needs a clever head to think it up , it looks to me Matt that you are being drawn away from the dark side and into the lighter shade , i wonder if its catching :shushing_face:


LOL I dont know what Im doing any more. As long as it will work and not produce tar and run stable.

What I am after is both in one unit. Because not all seasons / days are no rain and sun shine. The colder seasons I think charcoal will be king. Make charcoal during the good times where wood fuel is viable. Then when its not as practical then switch the charcoal. For now yeah Im all about running on wood chips at the moment. We will see how it goes now that I have linear fuel flow. If I can do this everyday and not produce tar then its a winner!

Part of the problem as a producer. A wood gasifier in reality to produce and then market is nearly impoossible. The market has a perception of what a machine should cost and its not even close to the reality. Charcoal system line up much better, the flip side is only a small portion of the market knows about charcoal systems and the advanteges and disadvantages So we are going to market and sell this as a dual fuel system. In its base format it will be a charcoal system, no restiction cup, no filters, no automation etc. All that will come as add on systems plus the user will learn on charcoal first. Then they can add all that stuff later or buy it all in a package. However we will recommend they start with charcoal and work thier way up to 100% wood fuel as it will be a learning process.


I am seeing how advanced this unit is to what you started out with just a few weeks ago and its like night and day in my head , i think once a user gets to grips with charcoal it will be the basis they need to go forward on wood chips that is for sure , i think as a marketable product there is nothing that can touch your design for flexibility even i would love one as i think its a very well put together compact unit , i hope more and more people will copy or buy your units as they deserve to be as common place item to men as a Hoover is to women ( and men who like to think they are )


Most people that would buy a gasifier of any fuel color will want a ready source of fuel. Unless they are some variation of a prepper, or they are hobbyists then producing fuel will be the issue they will likely not be able to move past. First time some problem arises with their engine, whether it be tar related or not, they will be done. Most people can’t even change their own oil or spark plugs now. Not being negative, but people are lazy and gasifiers will always be a niche market. They may be willing to pay for the hardware but without buyable fuel they won’t use it. If a gasifier will run on store bought wood chips without making tar then that is a game changer.


Matt’s system is really well put together especially for smaller tight budgets like home and off-grid users… The geks target industrial and ag customers and use industrial was like 5k for the genhead and controller, plus 3k for the crate engine for the gek. Most off-gridders can’t afford 50k+ for a gasifier system. Matt’s system is also customizable and simpler to understand for most people.

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Matt’s system is an excellent supplement/backup to a solar system as well, especially to top up batteries during the shorter winter days. A generator that only runs 400 hours a year is going to last a really long time.

And charcoal has an infinite shelf life, unlike regular gas. So the gasifier system and fuel can just sit there waiting for a string of rainy, cloudy or short days to fill in the gap.


Ok built the new AFR mixer controller and our first ever 3D printed servo valve. I havent built this system in over three years!! Yeah this is really a must have; you fire it up and run until its out of fuel and no messing around inbetween.

This is the first version of the valve. Im going to design a more refined version now that Ive figured out how to print two moving parts in one without interference. The next version will be revised to add some orings on the butter fly shaft and then a direct couple using a thru bolt along with the butterfly shaft intio the servo. Then the servo will be mounted so it sort of looks like one piece.

Ill make the stl available on the off grid site once I refine this next version.


Very nice!! Very clean looking How big of bore is the valve?


I use 3/4" npt valves on the smaller engines.