Tips and techniques for building gasifier components

Here’s how I installed an airtight ignition port through the outer shell and into the burner unit.

I located the ignition port on the initial layout of the burner unit and welded the receiver fitting on.

The hard part is the lineup. Install the gasket and bolt the burner unit in place in the outer shell. I had the hole where I thought it would be, but xxoo!!! I was off, so I enlarged the hole.

I used a plate to cover the hole and tack welded the fitting to the plate. I then screwed the pipe securely into the inner shell so it was airtight.

With the lineup good I welded the plate to the outer shell and welded the fitting to the plate. Important: The hole has to be big enough for the pipe to pass through. Seems obvious, huh.:expressionless:

Slip the fitting over the secured pipe and tighten the fitting securely. Now weld the fitting to the pipe.

If you were careful, the pieces should engage both inner and outer shell on assembly with no problem and should be airtight. These were :grin: Phew.

This is what it will look like dismantled.
One note, I would use at least a 1" ID pipe instead of the smaller size I used here. It was a little hassle to light.


Very interesting Pepe, for me, you demystify many technical challenges.
thank you Thierry


I used a similar system but then when gasket material added to the burner flange… GRRR
But just using a silicone layer made it all ok. Phew!


Hi Michael,
Thanks for commenting. Yes, grrrr. I measured the first hole without the gasket, that’s why the bigger hole and the caveat about using the gasket in the build up. It doesn’t take much to put the threads out of line for engagement on reassembly. Details, details, details. Hoping to save somebody else from the grrrr :blush:

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Hi Theirry, Thanks for commenting. I like this site for a lot of reasons, alt energy, building from throw away stuff, etc., but on the top of the list is the spirit of sharing and cooperation from the membership. Thanks to all of you.


Thanks for posting this Pepe. I have had the same situation many years ago and I don’t remember how I got things lined up. On my rebuild I have to line up a pipe through one chamber into another and like I say, I don’t remember how I did it. Your method is different but will work for my rebuild perfectly. Thanks again. TomC


Well, Tom, I’m glad I posted it. I questioned myself more than once on the first build, hoping it wouldn’t leak and become a bomb. Pepe