Tomo Vinković 418 on woodgasdgas

I have not seen a night shift since March 2008 and I hope and pray I never will work another nightshift. I sleeping at night time when the Sun has gone down.


Things are cooking in my kitchen!


interesting…what are you preparing?


Finaly l got to the old woodgas stuff. Was about time.

I will make drawings etc later, but for now l got a litle teaser for you guys.

I got a deep grunge towards diesels and its still not gone, but l must admit the conversion was easyer thain l thod.

The procedure of runing and starting a diesel on woodgas is much different thain lm used to and l still got a few bugs to clear but all in all lm wery pleased.

One big advantige is startup. No fan required, since diesels take vast amounts of air even idling. And l run char so no danger of tar produced in a cold gasifier.


That video left me with more questions than it answered but I guess that is what a teaser should do.
Still, it left me very happy after watching it and also very happy for you.
Thank you Kristijan :smile:


seems the year of tractors…we are all curious for more details…


Kristjan, now you will feel how “easy” it is to operate a diesel engine on wood gas, I am very happy that we Slovenians are now the most “numerous” in driving wood gas tractors on this forum, am I wrong? :grin::+1:


Kristijan, very satisfying video to watch, but I have to admit I have NO idea what you are doing. I guess I will have to wait for the show and tell. Whenever you’re ready for that, please include some backgound info of what’s what with diesel operation.


So a added lawn mower style throttle cable, controlling manually a car throttle body bolted attop the engine air intake, very nice and simple. Left side container would be filter? With itegrated air mixer which extends to the ball valve near the steering wheel. Mechanical injection pump cable is removed from its bracket, allowing i think only diesel to idle and all throttle is done with the woodgas. Electric start a very handy feature. Handle to the right of steering wheel…factory fuel control? Right side co tainer down draft charcoal, not sure about that bottom bolt on plate though cant put my finger on what that is or why the one missing bolt, possible gasifier air intake? Sweet hidden and protected small radiator in the front crossing over. Those are my guesses to the teaser video


Thank you Marcus. You saved me a lot of typing. Seems we’re pretty much on the same page.
So, things boil down to a couple questions.

  • What does the right-hand-factory-fuel-control-lever do, now that the added tb controls wg?
  • Why didn’t the air-mix affect the rpm?
  • The gasifier itself. Is the bottom bracket some kind of air-inlet-non-return-valve?

Did you weld this from the inside?


Marcus has preety much hit the nail on the head. Im actualy impressed :smile:

The startup procedure is, as l sayd, "special :smile:

So this engine has a throtle lever with two cables. One dictates the governor, wich dictates the fuel injected. Second cable gets engaged when you put the lever to zero and it acts on a litle cock l showed on the video. This shuts off fuel to kill the engine.

So. In order to run on woodgas l set the throtle on max. Then, with an added screw on the shutoff cock, l adjust the pump to lower the rpm to idle.

Now, the engine has the command to go full rpm, but it only gets enaugh diesel for idle. The rest of power is supplyed via vood gas, the way Marcus described.
If l wuldnt have nax throtle on the stock sistem, once the desired rpm wuld be reached, the governor wuld stop injecting fuel and no more bum bum…

This shutoff cock also has a second purpose. When pulled out, like l showed in the video, it injects max amount of diesel for cold startup. Convinint in my case, as when l set it to “woodgas mode”, the amount of fuel injected isnt enaugh to start the engine on its own. So l pull it out, start the engine with max diesel, then go back with the factory throtle to reset the cock and the engine runs with minimal fuel no matter the throtle position.

Hope anything makes sence. Video realy is easyer thain writing :smile:


I shuld mention that apart from the screw on the shutoff cock, no change had been done to the engine. So far.

Don, your atention to detail amazes me each time. Ill answer with a video


Congratulations on your mastering your systems controls integration.

So from post #61, “1 YEAR LATER”
Your Tomo Vinkovic 418 is now on hybrid diesel and Charcoal gas, yes?
Steve Unruh


Thank you Steve.

Correct. I thod of installing a spark plug, wuld be real easy on this engine. But decided not to. It only has 18hp on diesel and l occasionaly need all of them.


Good.Good, KristijanL.
You have now fully immersed into the Wayne Keith ethic. Functional practicality. Keeping your options open (available).

Said fancy-talk like in the ‘Catching Fire’ movies: “May you ever be practical.”
Said everyday-man USA, “Get Real, man”, “Keep it Real”, “Just keep it down to earth”.


Rainy outside and l owe you guys some explaining. Thanks for the patience :smile:

The gasifier looks like this

Downdraft, single nozzle charcoal gasifier.

I had problems in the beggining, not gonna lye. Along with the usual “finding the perfect fuel” learning curve, l had problems where l least expected.

The design is inspired by Tones style nozzle, but because l was limited by width (the sistem can not be wider thain the tractor) l was afraid l ran out of room with the basket style grate. So l forged a nozzle out of the same material l make flutes out of, 2" 10mm thick wall pipe. Forged the tip and welded on some aditional mass at the tip.

First plan was to have 5 4mm nozzles arranged in a 45deg downward angle. Run good, for 10 minutes. After a teardown l found whats going on.

Slag had completely filled the holes!
Drilling them bigger did nothing. 10min of runing and its plugged. Then l drilled a hole right at the tip pointing down, 8mm l belive. Same story. I belive the capilary action and the pulsating nature of the gas flow pushed molten slag in the holes. I gave it one last try and drilled the hole to half inch. Behold! It works. Now the adhesive power of the slag cant fill the hole completely and it permanently stays at about 9mm. The whole tip is coated with a few mm thick film of slag, a kinda cherramic coating and it protects the nozzle. Exess can drip down and will be emptyed manualy after every few work hours.

The gasifier needs finer char it seems, and dust free! Once l tuned that in it works perfectly. I run moist charcoal and also tryed it mixed with chainsaw sawdust. No tar detected.


Simply Awesome Kristijan, a little bit bigger hole is all it need. Good job.


Yep well done Kristijan yet another Milestone for you and charcoal gasifiers .


kristijan, thanks for showing problems and solutions…
is the grate regulable in height? my question because of the high position…
the wide space beside the grate keeping pipe is for metal insulation with coal or ash ?
or has it also splits for passing through the gas?
ciao giorgio