Too Cold For Tape to stick

We are finally below freezing here … Even aluminum tape won’t stick … I have to run a torch over it first and then it pops off the metal … You folks down south enjoy your warm weather … We can forget condensate tanks now here … I just re-insulated the water line to my trailer this afternoon (possums ripped off the last batch) … Hopefully it will make it till Christmas before it freezes … Stay well amigos, Mike LaRosa

Was 20° here at daybreak … Forget letting condensate sit around … M


Kevin, Where is 48768 ?? It’s up to 35 now on the hill. The furnace in my office went out last night and I just got that going again … It was in the 30’s in here (office). I usually don’t go in here over the weekends but I had to repair the the controller for my solar panels. A battery cable went to hell and I had to bypass the controller to keep things rolling … I am frozen right now … It’s all mental exercise !!! Like what did I hook to what ??? I have a dump load and 12V heater in my office … Maybe I can work on my cyclone later … It fell off the gasifier yesterday … Always something … over 60 and it’s all tougher… Stay warm … Mike

It was another round of bad weather hits the plains when I had to move it. Last year when Chicago New York and Washington had to move it it was a polar vortex. Go figure

Hi Tom, I stopped to see Jonathan S 5 years ago on 10/9 in Martell 15 miles south of Lincoln. I saw his old ford with too tall gasifier … I took off for Beatrice but all the hotels were full because of some car race on 10/10 … Jonathan said they were supposed to get 2 inches of snow that night and it was 60 degrees and sunny. I was real tired as it is 400 miles or so from here to Lincoln and I did some of it on wood. I was turning 55 on that trip … I drove west and wound up in Fairplay I think it was and got a great room for $29 … The room had just been redone and I set the thermostat at 80 and slept nkd the the whole night with no sheets … When I got up in the morning I pulled the drapes open and there was 2 inches of snow and ice on my truck … I drove all the way to Vega Texas that day in freezing rain … I don’t know if they had that car race in Beatrice … I slid down a bridge sideways in Salina Kansas … I had 2 gasifiers on that truck …
You are in the real HEARTLAND … Thanks for getting back to me … All my web pages are gone now … sorry or I’d send you picture links … Much of that stuff is on the yahoo woodgas site but I can’t even access that site … Mike


Been very nice up here. I am in the lake daily doing rip-rap. No ice or frost in the ground yet. I sure hope it holds out for a while longer. This is my first big job this year, just been puttering and tinkering. I love this time of year, you guys can have that hot sunshine, I want no part of that till about January. A little sunshine is great at 20 degrees.

I will be putting sides , a back door, and an open top, with ladder rack, just trying too damper speculators/ I am not into spectator/ explanations,

Kevin, Just be careful !! Even Doug ??? from New Zealand, I think, the older woodgas wizard built his gasifier into an international travelall and almost killed himself with CO so he warned about automotive use … Things get hot and you need to get at them in a hurry sometimes too. Wayne’s low profile AND airtight gasifiers as well as a symetrical cooling rack system keep him just under the radar as far as appearance goes. I don’t mind sticking out a bit and grow a long beard etc etc etc … My latest system is plain Jane … It is very light and I can hook it up and take it off without a jack and I forget it is behind me when I drive … I am waiting on some flex pipe I ordered to finally seriously roll with it … They thought I’d have it on Friday … I’ll look your zip up on the USPS site … It is 40 here right now at 7 PM and going down. They predict snow by the weekend (again)

… Mike

Kevin, We had one of our first get togethers in Akron which is close to your zip … Jim Mason from All Power Labs flew in to Detroit and brought a GEK with him which we assembled at the workshop. I drove Laren Corrie (created the yahoo Woodgas group) up to Saginaw Bay on wood … I think it was around 5 years ago ??? Several folks on this site were there … Mike

just thinking a little less noticable. seem like around here they are looking for any thing too pull you say it would not be good for camping; i would like too sheet the sides with aluminum/ with open top and ladder rack for more utillity if cash permits in time. your set up looks apealing. its light, easy too tow with gas missor cars, if i get cash some other time i would like to build a lighter wk gasifier to mount on
trailer.another wood gas meet makes it close to vassar, mi 48768 , or akron would be close, let me know so i can get too meet you and BBB folks.THANKS MIKE/ time too go weld about 10 more back welds on the tube finns.that part is done tonight. THERE is a sawmill by me there should be plenty of wood in spring or summer for sure , not sure in the winter how much he has too get rid of, mostly cotton wood.The other guy has big trailer loads of ash & oak hard wood for $100.00 .a while back he had at least 4 semi loads pree cut leaned up to his barn at least 10 feet up by 80 foot long,lots of hard wood not far from vassar 3 miles.any body is over this way just email me i get his number check on his wood supply.