Too Much Air Too Small Flare

Gasifier on Barn Roof. This happened a few years ago and I thought some of you would like a laugh. Some of you may remember seeing the pics elsewhere.

When You are experimenting with a pressure gasifier Don’t make your flare line too small. I had two flares on this one 3/8" and one 1 1/2" I capped off the larger one and was shooting flames several feet with the small one. You can only run in Flame Thrower mode for a short period before You Launch it to the Roof.

A spring loaded lid would have prevented this. You can have fun playing around but you may need to patch the hole in the roof when you are done.

Pics of aftermath. And a Pic of a decent flare the night before.

Wow! Glad nobody got hurt.

Hello Wayne,

Been there, done that.

As Mike LaRosa has said many times “at least it shows you were making gas “

I was pretty lucky. I saw I was developing a problem and bent down to close the valve when it went off. I cleared my nose by less than an inch. The worst part was knowing that it had to land somewhere. lol

Hi Wayne,
I just saw this - man that must have been scary for a second or two. I think the one that tells the story best is the morning after photo of the remains left behind… rotors, other drum like pieces and scattered fuel. Looks like a launch pad of sorts… What kind of pellets were you using ?

It was so long ago I do not recall brand. They were from Menards or TSC.

Ive had mine rumble in the flare pipe and I was taking cover lol. Its so scary at first and when something does not do what it normally does makes u panic! My first one was a FEMA and I made it because of cops and neighbors would cause me problems. I had to show the FEMA pdf and explain I wasnt making a bomb. Still made everyone nervous… Now people have looked into it they see what it does and are helping me find parts!