Too old and too slow

I hope to see a few of you in Argos the end of May … I can’t use this site at all … I have tried but like, how do I find my own blog so I can post a new picture ??? I get stalled while typing as the site suggests other stuff trying to outhink me … Then I notice that my last three sentences are gone … Now I hope Chris won’t delete this … I am supposedly connected at 50 KBS … NOT 50 MBS … I have not seen a single video here and can’t … I can only use the computer in the trailer with the newer version of firefox but it wiped out my bookmarks and half of my survey software so now I can’t even work here … Just letting you know … Black eyed peas on my menu and I can’t wait to hook my new trailer up and burn some chunks … There is only a foot of ice in the way … Regards, Mike LaRosa … PS, wish I was 25 again so I could relate to this stuff but I had 3 girlfriends back then and was real busy … No computers except for the TRS80 and some other thing I had … I forget the name now but it was just good for ping pong and slow scan TV with the ham radio stuff …


Oh, it was a comodore 64 or something like that …

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Can’t wait to see yah this May! Maybe Chris could have a web page class for us old farts? I don’t use my computer much any more now that I have a smart phone. It’s about $10 a month from tracphone but I mainly us the WiFi for the web. Big reduction in electric.

I could set ya up with a Linux/Ubuntu computer but the updates with dialup would be a killer. And they removed the dialup drivers…

Last night 15f and 4" of snow but it did warm up to 26 this afternoon.

Can you choose low resolution for YouTube videos?


Hey there Mike. We have no snow around now except under a pile of wood shavings from the power company taking out an old tree near their lines on my property. I had that Comodore 64 with the memory being a cassette player! .

I was a power user with 5 1/4" disk drive. Used the C64 for ten years.


Great idea, how 'bout it Chris?

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Hi Jeff & Doug, Looking forward … Just waiting for the ice to melt off of things here today. We had freezing rain this morning. It is very windy out. Ground is frozen solid today … Eventually something will click in my brain and I may be able to understand how this GUI system works. I can not use smart phones or Ipads. I have cut the tips off of many of my fingers in the past and they don’t work on those touch holes / pads … These young folks look at me in amazement when they tell me to sign my name on their pad after an audit or the such and nothing happens … I have to get my gear ready to work for tomorrow … I had it all ready last Monday and we got 16 inches of snow … I did get my new flag pole and flag up yesterday. By the time I got the hole ready and put the pole in, the lower part had re-frozen so it still needs to go down another 6 inches before I can backfill. I figure as soon as the ground thaws it will just sink in … The waiting game … No green grass here yet … Mike

11f last night but sunny today. They do sell pens and some kind of finger condom for Android & Ipud phones. I like using a full size keyboard (bluetooth) with my $150 tracphone. A keyboard is about $25. Well, time for me to play in my shed…

P.S. If yah can’t fix the computer thing you’ll just have to find three girlfriends.

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Jeff, I’m working on the girlfriends … I keep telling my wife about the women I meet … Keeps us both on our toes … I have used an external mouse on most of my laptops because I can’t use the touchpad. On my current laptops I use the pad but do all the button work with the buttons and not TAPS … I think they play taps in the cemetery for our old soldiers … Please bring that fretless guitar. You are the only one I’ve ever seen / heard with one … TNX, Mike

Same way you ever found it I suppose. Bookmark the page, or search on “Mike Larosa Linden Wisconsin”, or look on your profile page under “topics”.

Or click here.

For a guy who “can’t use the site at all” you seem to be making posts… I know you’ll get it figured out. If you’re looking for instructions and help, read these threads:

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###Discourse Quick Start Guide
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Mike LaRosa,
Have you set your Tracking Preference as Chris suggested? I set mine to everything (cut n pasted what Chris wrote), and now if I am not logged in, I get simple emails of all the posts. If I feel the need to respond, then I log-in, and do it. For your dial-up situation, you could read at home, and then carry your laptop somewhere to use a high speed internet connection. For videos, I find I can view them if I go to this link and tell it to use the HTML5 player.
My old computer will not run Flash, so I am able to see videos here, but not on Facebook or Google+. Ray

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I haven’t picked up the fretless for a long long time. Getting old and forgetful… I should get a mouse for this Android thing. More snow in the forecast but not much.

Thanks guys … Been repairing my survey truck so I can work tomorrow … Wife just checked for her mittens and booties in the truck … Never a dull moment … Jeff, upload a picture so I don’t have to look at that J :o) … I don’t like the way I’m hooked up as I’m typing … I feel like I’m being invaded … It keeps saving but to where ??? Everybody thinks they have to be hooked up with the world full time and instantly … People call me up and assume I have caller ID and all that stuff and don’t leave their numbers so I can’t call them back … Then they get mad at me … I hope they hear the birds migrating and mating … I shot 3 skunks this last week … I hate killing things I don’t eat but the last one must have been sick being out in the daytime … whewwwwwwww … Mike

Jeff, Could you send me an e-mail at [email protected] ?? I typed you a long e-mail at your velocity address and it bounced back … Thanks, Mike
I can’t access my yahoo mail except in the trailer so I rarely check it …

Well MikeL this whore of a Windows7 Acer that wy wife gifted to me as you warned me on evey wifi hook up keeps insisting on download/cogging with every Tom, Dick and Hairy who says you needs me.
Can’t even set up a proper photo file to be able to post here my newest.
So one hour a day maximum at the Public liberary DO burn through fast for a four fingered typist.

Steve Unruh

Steve, When I need to download something at the library now I use their machines and copy to a flash drive … Public wifi is a joke … Better to be hard wired in … Ground is still frozen at my place down several feet but 30 miles south of here there is NO frost in ground and we could drive in the fields … My wife was depressed we had to go home to snow and ice only 30 miles away … I’ve shot 3 skunks this spring … Good riddance … Got a big ars rat too … It liked meat loaf. Wayne would get a grin out of the rat killin … Mike